No matter how many times you entered the correct passcode to the iPhone, it’s just freeze and then return to lock page asking for passcode again. Passcode Loop problem.

It’s NOT a software problem. We repaired a lot of this problem since iPhone 6. Until now, the iPhone X is getting many people have this problem.

Continue to read this all to know the reason and how do we fix this.

Passcode Loop Symptoms

Symptom One:

After entered the passcode, it freeze for about one minute and then it return to the locked page. You slide up to unlock, it asks the passcode again. Repeating whole process and you can’t enter to the system.

Symptom Two:

If you already do a force update to the iPhone. Update process is completed without a problem. But it shows “Swipe up to recover” like the photo below.

iPhone Swipe up to recover
Swipe up to recover
Swipe Up to recover passcode
It asks you twice for the passcode.
iPhone Attempting data recovery
After you entered the passcode. It will run a "Attempting data recovery"
iPhone Swipe up to recover
After it finished the "Attempting data recovery", it will be back to this option again. Passcode Loop.

If you take it to Apple Centre...

I’m sure the Apple Centre tell you to restore the iPhone. Everything will be erased. But the problem only became worse.
After you restored the iPhone, it will just stuck in Activation page like the screenshot below. 

iPhone unable to activate repair

Do not restore the iPhone! It's not a software problem

Inexperience technician they will suggest you to restore the iPhone. We strongly advise you don’t do that.
It’s never a software problem.
It’s a motherboard problem that one of the IC is not working properly. According our repair history, we repaired this problem countless times, none of them is the software problem.

It’s the NFC IC not working properly.

What is NFC?

NFC is Near Field Communication. The iPhone has this function since the iPhone 6. 

Those iPhones with NFC function allows us to save our credit card, door access card, and use it as the card to pay to bill or open the door.

You might wonder why no one told you about this function and why they don't use it in your condominium. It's because Malaysia doesn't support it. Especially the one we always use - Touch n Go. I think the main reason is because they don't want to spend a budget to develop a program for iOS and android, it's really a hassle to make it compatible to all the phones. They will have many compatible issues need to solve. But in Japan, China, and USA, they already started using it.

Lim @ iPhone Service Malaysia

Why NFC problem will cause a passcode loop bug?

Because Apple really put security is highest priority. The NFC is reporting directly to CPU, the communication of CPU and NFC is encrypted.

If the NFC is not responding or somehow it failed to work, the CPU will tell the iOS to protect all the data by not letting anyone access the iOS.
Because there is a way possible to steal your credit card info or the data by hacking your NFC chipset. 

So the iOS is kept asking for the passcode and then tries to reboot the NFC circuit. The whole process becomes an infinite passcode loop. Because iOS can’t tell you what’s wrong.

iPhone X has a lot of NFC problem - Passcode Loop

Because of the iPhone X motherboard layout design. It’s a dual-layer board that very easily gets damage when drop.
iPhone XS and 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, they are all using same design. More info about the motherboard design more in this article.

As you can see from the drawing above, the CPU and NFC IC are on different boards.

Both boards are sticking to each other up and down by soldering. But the solder balls that linked them together are very easily damaged.

More than 50 of iPhone X we repaired that was having this problem in 2019.

Is the data can be fully recoverable?

Yes. By repairing this NFC issue, the data is fully recoverable. Data will not be affected as long as you didn’t restore it.

If you already read this article and somehow you are not able to visit our workshop, just make sure you tell them DO NOT RESTORE the iPhone.

When they told you unable to repair it, make sure it still can be turn on with the same condition when you sent in.
Because we still can repair it.

Repair motherboard is an art

Different people sure different skills. Not everyone can draw a Mona Lisa.
Same goes for the repairing iPhone motherboard works. It’s complicated and details.

Advise: Not everyone is capable to repair kind of damage. Be sure send to the real professional to prevent data loss.
Inexperience technician might make it worse.

Repair iPhone is an art

How to repair it?

Very hard to explain by text. Here is the video of how we repair the iPhone X passcode loop.

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