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Join the iPhone Logic Board Online Course for 2022-2024!

This course offers comprehensive training on the latest iPhone models and will equip you with the skills and knowledge to diagnose and repair logic board issues. Course content and fees may change annually.

Note that this is an online course and not an offline training. If you’re interested in offline training, please refer to the [Offline Training Course].

How is the online course delivered to me?

All of the course content is delivered through recorded videos, and we have an active study group on Facebook for questions and discussions. If you don’t have Facebook, unfortunately, you won’t be able to join the group.

The course is structured similarly to platforms like Udemy and Teachable – if you’re unfamiliar with those, check out this video.

All of the videos are hosted on our server, and you can watch them at any time. There is very little written content, but there will be exams between the lessons.

If you’re looking for live-streamed teaching, this course is not the place for that. However, the recorded videos are edited to include more explanation notes, with no wasted time, and they’re shot from multiple angles. My special explanations make this course unique, and the quality of the videos is far better than a live stream.

You can even watch some of the practical work in slow motion, so you can learn how to control your heat and distance. This course is far more detailed than what you’ll find on my YouTube channel. I’m more conservative on YouTube, but if you’re interested in more detail and a professional-level course, this is the place. Just keep in mind that it’s a long course, not a quick one.

To view the course, you’ll need to create an account, which you can do at the same time as making the payment on this page.

Online Course Quality

How much?

There will be 3 semesters in the course, and it is not possible to skip any of them. I do not offer individual lessons for sale. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Breaking the course down into 3 semesters is intended to ensure that you gain a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced topics. If you find that you are not learning effectively in the first semester, it may be best for you to discontinue the course. You are free to stop at any time.

And the foundation I provide is unique and different from other schools out there.

Each semester price on below.

Semester 1

Unlock Your Mind
$ 250
  • Circuit Knowledge
  • Measurement Methods, Techniques, Mistakes
  • Master the Heat Control


Semester One is designed for technicians who have prior knowledge in iPhone repair, such as those who have studied at Rewa, Fixst, Fonekong, or any other school. However, the content in this semester is unique and offers a deeper level of detail even it’s some basic. 

  • For technicians who are only familiar with measuring resistance and replacing ICs, but lack knowledge on the next steps to take when the issue persists, Semester One heavily focuses on measurement techniques. Without learning these special techniques, you will not be able to progress to Semester Two.
  • For technicians who struggle with heat control, this course provides a super detailed level of instruction on proper heat control techniques. If you’ve already mastered jobs like Audio IC or Tristar repairs, those will be considered beginner-level skills compared to the advanced techniques taught in this course.

If you believe that you are skilled enough and do not need Semester 1, then my course may not be suitable for you. I prefer to train students who are humble and willing to learn from scratch because my course is designed differently from others. Please do not imagine how it will be.

So do not join if you’re impatient person and try to avoid the basic lessons from beginning.   

Even if you are an experienced technician, you can still benefit from my knowledge and filter out anything that does not seem useful to you.

Please note that you cannot skip Semester 1 and go straight to Semester 2.


You don’t need to buy any tools to join the 1st semester because you won’t understand why I suggest those tools until you see me explain them. You can buy them after you’ve watched the lectures.

This will also prevent you from buying tools that may not be useful or effective for your work.

I have a recommended tools list, but it’s only viewable after you enroll in the course.

Sneak Peek of Semester One

Semester 2

Everything about iPhone... not same as Android.
$ 350
  • Every iPhone Circuit and Theory
  • More diagnosis methods for Apple devices
  • Every iPhone Practical Works Demonstration except CPU and RAM
  • NAND and programming knowledge

Semester 3

CPU Class and Data Recovery
$ 350
  • Every generation of iPhone CPU
  • Create your own method for CPU works
  • Tricks to recover the data

Can you tell me more about the content?

Yes, please watch this video.
A basic requirement for students is patience. If you don’t have the patience to watch the videos, then my course is not suitable for you


Sorry, there are no discounts available even if you’re taking all the courses.

However, the price you paid for the online course can be used as a discount for the full training.
Full training is mean coming to our place for in-person training. An offline course.

For example, if you have already paid $250 for the online course, that amount can be discounted from the total cost of our offline training.

How much is the full training? Check this link.

How long I can access the courses?

Minimum one year.
Support is 2 years.

Can I have a free trial?

Sorry, there is no free trial available. My YouTube channel has already shown you the quality of my course.

If you still don’t have enough faith, it’s better not to force yourself to join. Only join when you feel comfortable.

DO NOT join if you don't have enough money

Not only do you have to pay for the course, but in order to become a professional iPhone technician, you also need to invest in a lot of tools.

I only teach high-quality students who are willing to make that investment to become a specialist like me. Technicians who cannot afford thermal cameras or iPhone programming tools are at a very low level.

The second reason is that without proper tools, you won’t be able to follow our diagnosis procedures properly. In fact, you may even create more problems instead of fixing them. This will make it harder for you to remember what you’ve learned from me and may lead to doubts about my teaching or support.

Please DO NOT expect...

DO NOT expect to have direct access to me for support and questions. We have a study group where I reply to messages when I am available, and all students can communicate with each other. One-on-one teaching is not an option.

This is NOT like hiring a private coach. 
Some lazy people just pay the money and ask for a solution.

You are paying to become a qualified technician.

Please DO NOT expect a DIRECT SOLUTION. This is not like the days when you could simply replace the U2 IC to fix a charging problem.

In this course, you will learn about symptoms and standard operating procedures (SOP). I do not offer blind solutions like other schools.


How long is your support?

If you enroll in all of the semesters, you’ll be considered part of my family. I will only stop providing support if I retire from this field and stop repairing iPhones altogether.

However, if you’ve only joined two semesters, then my support will only last for two years.

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