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iPhone Logic Board Online Course

Here are the online course fees, content, and some FAQs are here.
Course content and price will be changed every year. 
If you’re looking for offline training, it’s not on this page. Please go to page [Offline Training Course].

How is the online course delivered to me?

There will be a lot of videos in each semester. One semester inside contains a lot of lessons.
If you’re familiar with Udemy or Teachable, our course is running like that. Check this video.

98% of the online course is the videos from the server that you can view anytime. Very little in writing. There will be exams on certain lessons. 

If you’re looking for online live streaming teaching, here is NOT the place.

What if I tell you, the recorded videos are far better because I edited them, with more explanation notes, no time-wasting, you can speed up manually, videos are combined with the real action after the explanation so you won’t need to imagine it. There is even has a slow-motion in certain important works.
The quality is far better than the live stream. 

If you think my Youtube is good already, then I can tell you my online course quality is far more better. I’m being very conservative on Youtube by not mention a lot of details and procedures.

You need an account to view the course. Creating an account is the same time when you’re making the payment from this page.

Online Course Quality

How much?

There will be 3 semesters. You cannot skip semester 1. 
If you just want to learn one of my specific topics, then I’m sorry. Because I don’t sell separately.

Semester 1

Unlock Your Mind
$ 250
  • Circuit Knowledge
  • Measurement Methods, Techniques, Mistakes
  • Master the Heat Control


Once you’re in semester one, if you still can’t learn anything from it, then it’s no point to continue semester 2. So actually it’s good for you.

Semester One is suitable for those people who learned from somewhere before. Rewa, Fixst, Fonekong, whatever school you are from. The contents here are sure you have never seen before and the detail is on a higher level. 

Suitable for those people who are only know how to measure resistance and change IC, but don’t know what is next step if the problem still the same. Here will tell you what’s wrong with your SOP. 

Suitable for people who have heat control problems, how to take off all kinds of IC safely, never need to use the thermal tape. Here will teach you proper heat control at a super detailed level. 

If you think you’re good enough and no need for semester one. Then my course is NOT suitable for you. I don’t train high ego people who couldn’t empty their prior learning and start over.
You can combine my knowledge and filter anything that seems not useful for you. 

So please don’t plan to skip this and grab something from semester 2. 
Here the teaching system is not what you imagine. There will be many things linked back to semester 1. 


You don’t need any tools to join the 1st semester. Because you won’t understand why I suggest those tools until you see I explain 1 by 1 in the videos. You can buy it after you watched it. Also, this can prevent you bought the bad tools that affect your works. 
Of course, I only share the list of tools for paid students only. Once you joined signed up for Semester One, you can read a full article about the Soldering starter pack too. 

Sneak Peek of Semester One

Semester 2

Everything about iPhone... not same as Android.
$ 350
  • Every iPhone Circuit and Theory
  • More diagnosis methods for Apple devices
  • Every iPhone Practical Works Demonstration except CPU and RAM
  • NAND and programming knowledge

Semester 3

CPU Class and Data Recovery
$ 350
  • Every generation of iPhone CPU
  • Create your own method for CPU works
  • Tricks to recover the data

Can you tell me more about the content?

Yes. Please watch this video.
A basic requirement for students is patient. If no patient to watch the videos, then my course is not suitable for you.

No discount?
But I can offer this...

Sorry, no discount.
But the price you paid for the online course can become a discount for the full training cost. The full training is mean you come over to our place to train in real-time.

Let say you already paid 200 USD for the online course, the 200USD can be discounted from the total of our offline training cost.

How much is the full training? Check this link.

How long I can access the courses?

Minimum one year. But I can’t stop you from downloading the videos. 

Can I have a free trial?

Yes. The link is here https://www.iphone-repair.my/online-course-free-trial/

The password you have to get from me. 

I scare... What if....

It’s a matter of trust now. I don’t take the student that being skeptical. That’s why I won’t be hard selling it.

DO NOT join if you don't have enough money

Not only you have to pay for the course. Because in order to become a very professional iPhone technician, you need to buy a lot of tools. 

I only teach high-quality students that willing to invest to become a specialist like me. The technician is very low level if they can’t afford the thermal camera or programming tools of the iPhone. 

The second reason is your expectation. Without a proper tool, you won’t be able to follow up on our diagnosis procedures. You might be creating problems instead of fixing them.

Then in later, you will start forgetting the stuff you learned from me. You even might have a doubt about my teaching or my support.

Please DO NOT do this...

DO NOT expect you can ask for any problems before you go through the online courses.
There are lazy people who just pay the money and asking for a solution.

You’re paying for being trained to be a qualified technician. Not buying a 24 hours full support.

Please DO NOT expect a DIRECT SOLUTION. This is not the time that iPhone 5 cannot charge then just change U2 IC.

In here you are learning how to verify the circuit problem instead of applying a blind solution.
My support is mostly about Technical Procedures or a proper SOP. But you must graduate from the related semester to get the answer.

How long is your support?

If you enrolled all the semesters, then you’re considered as my family. I will only stop the support when I’m quitting this field and not repairing iPhone anymore.
If just only one of the semesters, then it would just 2 years for that.

More FAQs