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Fix iPhone Camera Shutter Sound Guide V2

In the year 2020, we have a new way to fix the Japan iPhone’s camera shutter sound. This one is much faster, with no need for soldering skills, and it’s a safe way comparing to the method that I discovered in 2018 – iPhone Shutter Sound Fix v1.

But this v2 method can only support a certain model of iPhone. It doesn’t matter from Japan, Korea or others, they are all the same.

I made a video of How to fix Japan iPhone Camera Shutter Sound 2020.

Supported models

  • iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
  • iphone 8 / 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

Tools Requirement

  • PC with Window and iTunes installed.
  • Internet Connection (For restore and activate)
  • iBox Mini 2020 / iRepair (NAND programming tool)
  • Lightning USB cable

Thanks to the iBox Mini 2020, we now don’t need to remove the NAND from the logic board to reprogram. It’s good news for those who don’t have micro-soldering skills.
Now we can accomplish fix shutter sound fix without dismantling any hardware and it can be done in less than 1 hour.

What is NAND programming tool?

NAND programming tool lets us able to edit the hard disk data. The hard disk in iPhone is called Nand Flash, this is why we called it the NAND programming tool.

As my old article mentioned, the NAND itself have a fixed data about country and region.
In order to fix the shutter sound without any side-effect is to change the country code. This is why we need the tool to do it.

Everything is not affected. You can even update or erase the iPhone.
It also will be higher value if you selling your iPhone because Malaysia dealers offer the price according to the country code when trade-in the phone.

iBOX - A NAND tools without need to take out the NAND

Recently a guy invented a way to edit the iPhone NAND with just a DCSD cable. But that way can only support MAC OS. It doesn’t support Windows PC because the USB drivers are completely different protocols in the iOS.

But not long after, another team created a USB box to trick the Windows it got a MAC USB port. They called it iBox.

China is a super copy-cat country. Once you found something that earns money good, friends are going to copy whatever you have.
This is why you can see the same tool but with different packing and names.

I just list down two that appeared recently. (June 2020)
It doesn’t matter which one you bought, they are the same.
Don’t ask me which one is better, they are really the same but using the same software with a different name. They both compatible with each other programs too.

You can even use this with another program like JC or WL.

This tool is only to help you enter “Purple Screen Mode”.
Actually, it just put the iPhone into the state of “engineer mode”, so then we can reprogram it. When the iPhone is in the “engineer mode” state, the screen normally will be displaying purple or green color.

But in our community, we called it “Purple Screen mode”. Because in the times of iPhone 4 we already know this “engineer mode”. 

The tools below are the iBOX. 

iBOX Mini

iBox Mini
I don't recommend this because their support is slow and not updating.

iRepair P10

iRepair P10
So far iRepair is the most responsible team. They are the one most fastest to release the update for the software.

They told me it's impossible

I fixed at least a few hundred of Japan iPhone until now. They told you that because they don’t know how to do it. 

Just recently because of this kind of tool released, I’m getting too many technicians from all over the world asking me how to fix the shutter sound.

Some of them even said it’s a fake video that I uploaded in 2018. Some suspect I jailbreak it.
I don’t have time to reply to every one of them.

Why not I just make a video again? So they can do this easily with this kind of tool.
A perfect solution to fix your Japan iPhone camera shutter sound without any side-affect. 
The video is in below.

This is NOT a jailbreak method!

This is NOT a “Jailbreak” method. This method is “Original Factory Programming” which has zero side-effect. You can update or restore the iPhone without losing it. Your iPhone became a normal iPhone.

Japan iPhone Camera Shutter Sound Fix v2 Tutorial

FAQs - Please read before ask

Yes. You still can update, restore or whatever. The fix is not affected you to update.

No. It’s not related totally. The fix is just to reprogram the boot-file to a “normal” iPhone, the boot file inside contain a country code. So then the iOS will treat your iPhone is not from Japan or Korea.

Yes. You should backup the data by using iTunes or your iCloud. Because we need to clean and restore the iPhone after the fix. All the contents will be erased and the iOS will be updated to the latest.


If somehow you want to make it back, pass the iPhone to kids to prevent them from being a pervert, yes. It can be returned to exactly original without a problem.

Yes, why not? One month.
But the warranty is not on your hardware. We only guarantee hardware will be okay in the progress, since we need to reassemble the screen and logic board.
This is why we will going to check all your iPhone functions condition before proceed.
Because if the technician is not professional, he might accidentally killed the Face ID.

RM80 for models listed above.

It should be 1 hour around. (Appointment needed)
What? I see your video you only take 15 minutes!
Yes. But maybe a new iOS version released suddenly, so we need the time to download it.

Also, I didn’t including the time of safely dissemble the logic board and reinstall a new “water-resistance seals”.
Please don’t imagine we remove it like a Nokia 3310. Pak-pak-pak?
Only careless technician would dissemble it quickly by force and scratching the device.
Professional are using pre-heater to open it nicely, no need knife.


This kind of tool does not support any model that is newer than iPhone X.
Because the “Purple screen mode” exploit is only working in the old iPhone CPU. The newer iPhone CPU runs things differently in the coding.

To fix the newer models, we are required to desolder the NAND out to edit and install it back. This is why this range of models will be expensive to fix shutter sound.

What about iPhone XS, XR, and iPhone 11 series?

Sorry, this kind of tool is not support any model that is newer than iPhone X.
Because the “Purple screen mode” exploit