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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Service for iPhone and iPad

We provide data recovery services for logic board damage. Whether your device has suffered water damage, a heavy impact, or simply stopped working suddenly for no apparent reason, we have the expertise to retrieve your data. Electronic devices can last a long time, but sometimes they fail unexpectedly. 

NOTE: We don’t provide data recovery for data that has been erased or accidentally deleted, or for bypassing passcodes to access the data.

How much for data recovery service?

There will be a minimum charge for data recovery, which depends on the extent of the logic board damage and its condition. The minimum cost is $100 USD. If you’re Malaysian, minimum is RM450. 

You can get an estimate of the repair cost before sending your device to us. Just contact us via WhatsApp, describe the issues with your device, and provide the model. We will respond with an estimated cost based on the information you provide. 

What we do?

Our role is to repair the device until it can power on and be detected by a computer for backup. Typically, in such a condition, you can perform the backup on your own. In more severe cases where the screen is also damaged, we can assist in transferring the data, but you will need another iPhone for us to clone the data onto.

NOTE: To recover your data, you must remember your password. We will not responsible for it.

Our job

Once the device can power on and the data remains unchanged from its pre-damaged state, we won’t be responsible if you can’t recall the password. In the event that you can’t provide us with the password due to privacy concerns, we can omit the testing process, allowing you to test and back up the data yourself. However, payment will be required upon collection, and we won’t assume responsibility for any issues that arise afterward, such as forgotten passwords or inaccessible specific data. It’s important to note that when we repair a phone, the data is restored to the same state as before it was damaged. We can’t selectively recover specific data, and we won’t be held responsible for such matters.

Success Rate

The success rate depends entirely on the condition of the logic board. In most of our cases, we have a 95% success rate in data recovery. However, this success rate is subject to the condition of your logic board.

Please note that if the device has been previously tampered with by other technicians, especially if it was a failed repair attempt, the success rate may be reduced. This often depends on the condition of the CPU and hard disk. Some amateurs may have damaged the CPU or replaced the hard disk without the owner’s knowledge.

It’s essential to understand that the CPU in iPhones cannot be replaced. The data on the hard disk is encrypted and uniquely paired with that specific CPU. If you were to replace the CPU, the new one would not be able to access the data or even boot into iOS. Apple places a strong emphasis on data security and privacy.

How long to recover?

The time required to recover the data depends on the condition of the logic board. We can provide a more accurate estimate after examining the board, which typically takes about 1-2 days, depending on our technician’s schedule. In most cases, data recovery can be completed within 3-7 days after the owner agrees to our repair fee.

Will the device fully working afterward?

After data recovery, whether the device will be fully functional or not depends on the specific case. In some instances, the device may work perfectly after data recovery. However, in cases where certain parts are encrypted and cannot be replaced, such as the Face ID or Touch ID, or if the total repair cost is not justified, it may be more practical to extract the data and transfer it to a new iPhone.

The actual outcome varies, and it can only be determined after we’ve assessed the device. We need to examine the device before providing a definitive answer on whether it will be fully functional or just for data recovery.

It’s essential to differentiate between a full repair and data recovery; they are two distinct options. Data recovery services are non-refundable once we have successfully restored the device to the point where it can power on and be detected by a computer for data backup.

If there are specific functions not working correctly, continuing with a repair could potentially jeopardize the data. Furthermore, there might be situations where certain issues cannot be fully resolved, and data recovery remains the most viable option. Your understanding of these nuances is greatly appreciated.”

Check is free?

If you decide not to repair your device after we’ve inspected it, there will be a RM30 checking fee. However, if you choose to go ahead with the repair, this fee will be waived.

We have YouTube channel

You can check out our YouTube channel to see many data recovery and repair cases. This will help you understand that our work is complex and not just a simple street repair job.

Youtube Channel – iPhone Service Malaysia

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