Type of unlock service

There are many kinds of locks in Apple products.
Below is the list of locking type. The list is clickable.

Passcode Lock / iPhone is Disabled / iPad is Disabled

iPhone or iPad forgot the password? Or you enter too many times incorrectly, and then it became disabled.
This is can only be fixed by resetting (Format/Erase) the device.

NOTE: All the data will be lost.

Cost: RM30 

Time: 30-60 minutes

Apple ID locked / iCloud locked / FMI locked

Forgot your Apple ID, then unable to activate the iPhone or iPad?
First, here split two categories, iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Unlock Apple ID

There are two types of Apple ID locked or iCloud locked in the iPhone.
You need to know which one you are having. Because one of it we can’t unlock.


This is the one we can’t unlock.
Photo below is the sample of blacklisted iCloud ID locked.

iPhone blacklisted icloud lock
We can't unlock this

Now there is no one to unlock this. To unlock this, we have one option which is to replace the motherboard but it’s very expensive.


This type we can unlock. As photo below.

iPhone unlock icloud malaysia
Factory unlock available.

Cost: RM 450 to RM 1250 (Depends on which model)

Time: 0-14 working days 

If you found some web site iCloud unlock methods, I advise you read this article first. 
[Ways of Apple ID unlock / Remove iCloud 2019]

iPad Unlock Apple ID

Whatever iPad model you have and whatever locked condition, we can unlock them all.

Unlocking iPad Apple ID / iCloud requires a hardware modification.
We take out the memory chip and reprogram a new serial number.

Note: If your iPad support SIM card, it will be disabled after unlocked.

Cost: RM 150 to RM 800 (Depends on what model of iPad)

Time: One day or few days (Depends on which model of iPad)

You want to know how we do it?
Check the article I wrote in my old blog [how to unlock Apple ID of iPad Pro].

SIM locked / Carrier Locked

Show SIM not valid?
iPhone from the USA, Japan, or other countries might have carrier locked. 
Means it can only be used in their country or specific carrier.

We have two options to unlock those iPhones.  

Factory Unlock (Permanent unlock)

This is considered officially unlock, but the cost of it depends on where it from and the contract of that carrier bound.

If you know which carrier, we can quote you an estimate price.

If you don’t know anything about your iPhone, then we need to check it by submitting your iPhone’s IMEI to the server. We will charge RM20 fee to obtain the information of your device from Apple server.

Third-party unlock method (Turbo SIM)

This is a cheaper option to unlock but you can’t update the iOS because it’ll be relocked once you updated the iOS.

Currently this unlock is ONLY available for iOS 12.4.2 or below

Cost: RM150 – RM 350 (Depends on which model)

Time: 30-60 minutes

[More info link]

TELCO lock malaysia

Malaysia telco locked won’t show invalid SIM. It’s just No Service with whatever SIM you inserted.
But if you use it in other country, it works perfectly. It just blocked all Malaysia carrier.

We can’t unlock Malaysia TELCO. 

The only solution is to swap the whole iPhone or just replace the motherboard