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NOTICE: CNY Holidays we are closed from 9 Feb to 18 Feb 2024. 

Training Course

iPhone Logic Board Repair Training in Malaysia (Offline)

We’re not your typical micro-soldering school. Below are some course details to give you an idea that we aim to train students into elite iPhone technicians. Our training goes beyond the basics – we’re shaping commandos, not just soldiers.

You should know we also have a Youtube channel – iPhone Service Malaysia

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At our training center, we offer three specialized training courses: Diagnosis class, Theory class, and Skill class.

Next Training Class is March & April 2024

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. But online course student has higher priority.  

Training registration is open from now. Class is open between 1st Mar 2024 until 30 April 2024.

NOTE: We only open classes 2 or 3 times a year. Each class remains open for three months and then closes.

More info in this link.

What to teach?

Everything I know for repair iPhone and iPad logic board.
Every iPhone model circuit. 

But in our training center, we have three enhancement training which are Diagnosis class, Theory class, and Skill class.

Diagnosis Class

Even if you have excellent soldering skills, you might still struggle with certain uncommon issues. I’ve observed many technicians who can rebuild iPhone CPUs or perform CPU swaps, yet they find it challenging to resolve minor component faults causing uncommon problems.

They often spend a lot of time on CPU and NAND transplants (swapping them into a new board) because they struggle to pinpoint the actual issue.

I figured out their problem is not having the right ways to check and follow proper steps.

Diagnosis and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

Many students that graduated from other schools and they still asking the stupid question such as below.

This is one of the top common noob questions that is everywhere. This is a big problem if the question is coming from students that are trained.

The reason behind this question is that they lack a clear step-by-step process (SOP) for checking the circuit.

Learning schematic and symptoms are two different things. Watch this video.

If you have seen this video,you should understand that asking what you’re going to learn is pointless if you don’t know how much unexplored knowledge lies ahead.

It’s leap of faith. 

I can confidently say that I teach everything I know about iPhone motherboard repair.

You will be blindly changing the IC without an SOP

I have developed a set of rules called Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for different types of problems. These SOPs provide a step-by-step checklist to identify and diagnose the issue. They guide us on where to begin the troubleshooting process, which diagnostic tools to use, which lines to measure first, and the specific measurement techniques to employ. By following these SOPs, we ensure a systematic and efficient approach to problem-solving in iPhone repair.

Never blindly replace any IC or removing components without the evidence to verifying it’s dead.
Many ways to verify the IC is the problem before we remove it. 
Skipping this SOP might create more problems than it had. 

I always telling students "Learn the rules like a pro, and then bend the rules like an artist."

It means you can only skipping my SOP when you very well know that kind of symptom and source of the problem. 

Diagnosis on real cases - Gain experience every day

Yes, because we work on fixing motherboards every day.
I love to exam how is my student’s level by letting them check where is the problem and how is their procedures. 
Everyone learns differently, so I want to know their mistakes and help them.

For example, if we taught about the “Display circuit,” I’ll check how they fix a similar issue.

This helps students get better by learning from their mistakes and how we solve problems.

Remember, it’s not just about fixing, but understanding how and why we do it.

We teach the diagnosis in two ways

Diagnosis - Traditional methods

The traditional way assumes that you don’t have high-tech diagnostic tools like Thermal Cameras, Logic Analyzers, or Oscilloscopes.

Most well-known schools in China follow the traditional method. It involves slower diagnosis but is the most cost-effective way to start a repair business.

It covers how to use a DC Power Supply, Rosin, Freezer, how to read iTunes error codes, PANIC crash reports, and more.

Diagnosis - Advanced methods

Advanced methods refer to more modern techniques.

Having advanced diagnosis skills can save time, but these methods are costly investments.

  • Logic Analyzer – I’ll explain what to do with it in my training.
  • Thermal Camera – This is a MUST have item if you wish to be a professional technician. 
  • Oscillator Scope – Some lines or components are required this to check. Not must have item and I’ll explain why in the training. 

Theory Class

We not only teach you how to read diagrams but also share our sources. We’ll guide you on where to find these diagrams and which repair communities you should be a part of to stay updated.

Some schools hesitate to share this information because they fear their students might become more skilled than they are. But we believe in empowering our students with knowledge and resources.

Theories about how circuit works

When you understand how circuits work, you can create a custom solution for specific problems.
You can repair the problem that a normal technician couldn’t. I’ve posted a real case on YouTube as an example. Watching it will give you an idea of the level of expertise you can achieve through training.

iPhone 6S NAND Reset line short Error 4014 and iPhone Baseband Short Repair

There are more in my online course semester 2.

Theory Class List

Some students want a detailed list of what I teach, but what is the point if you don’t know how deep is it? How far you can learn?
There are topics you might not know about yet.

Here’s a basic list, but I avoid sharing all the details because other schools might copy it. So, I keep some topics hidden. Still, I can share this list with everyone.

  1. Schematic diagram reading and components recognize
  2. High Level Heat Control Skills, Machine Explanation and Tuning
  3. Tools requirement explanation 
  4. Power-up Logic Board requirement and condition.
  5. Boot-up circuit 
  6. Buttons circuit
  7. Charging and USB circuit
  8. How to analyse the iTunes error code and crash PANIC.
  9. NAND and HDD programming
  10. Display and Touch circuit
  11. WiFi and Bluetooth circuit
  12. Audio Codec and Speaker circuit
  13. Vibrator/Taptic circuit
  14. Touch ID and Face ID circuit
  15. Camera and flashlight circuit
  16. GPS, Compass,  Accelerator, Air pressure, GYRO, Prox circuit
  17. Baseband circuit
  18. Cellular Network circuit
  19. How to unlock ID of the iPhone and iPad

NOTE: Every iPhone models are covered.

By the way, if you’re a Malaysian Chinese, we can teach Theories Class in two languages – English and Chinese. Having proficiency in these two languages is highly beneficial, especially when searching on the internet or discussing with foreigners.

Sometimes the Western world introduces new concepts before China becomes aware of them, and sometimes China develops new solutions or tools for specific repairs before the Western world catches up. This is why I am often one step ahead.

Combining knowledge from both Western and Chinese sources is one of the factors that make me unique and special.

The goal of Theory class is to provide a true technician's perspective. We aim to identify the source of the problem and fix it, without blindly relying on solutions provided by others. Sometimes we are even to create a solution that is not original from the schematic.

Skills Training

Don’t think that the skills you’ve learned are only applicable to iPhones or iPads. They can actually be used for repairing any other smartphone or PCB.
Once you master my heat-control training lessons, you can repair other items without causing damage.

Sometimes, I repair modem routers, laptops, car ECUs, and more. However, I those are from my friends and cousins jobs.


  • All soldering works (FPC connector, IC chipset)
  • All generation of CPU reball skills
  • Sandwich board removal safely
  • Sandwich board installation
  • NAND Quick swapping safely
  • more…

After you have done our skills training, I’m sure you don’t even need to put a coin, shield, or thermal tape to repair the logic board anymore.

Example video – iPhone 6S Power IC replacement

If you believe that simply buying many logic boards to practice will make you as skilled as us, you’re mistaken. There are many hidden aspects involved, including tools, methods, angles, nozzle sizes, air flow, environment, IC heat limits, and much more knowledge specific to iPhones that no one tells you about.

Training Equipment

I’m a guy who enjoys purchasing and reviewing new tools. Our equipment is among the finest, not commonly found elsewhere. Even our microscope stands out in terms of quality. Join us for a Free One Day Trial, and you’ll experience the difference firsthand.

Microscope Quality

You will never know the differences between the normal microscope and branded microscope from Leica, Olympus, and Nikon until you test it.
The microscope we use is custom-built internally using branded materials. Feel free to come and see for yourself. Without a high-quality microscope, you’ll miss out on essential details crucial for accurate diagnosis.

Microscope LED old UFO
Don't tell me to use the big UFO LED anymore, It's blocky and you're unable to do a lot of perfect job with this.
Microscope LED small 2018
We have a few options. This is one of the most popular LED that also using in our training centre.

We are watching you...

I'm doing 1 on 1 training style

I strongly dislike schools that only take money and leave students to practice on their own, without anyone to correct their mistakes for hours or days. That’s why I emphasize the need for every student to have a quality microscope with a high-quality camera, allowing us to instantly identify and correct their issues. I want to save your training time by addressing your mistakes right away. Don’t you agree that having a teacher spot your errors is essential?

You’re fortunate not to learn the way I did years ago. Techniques that could be mastered in just 5 minutes took me days because there was no one to guide or correct me. I had to figure everything out myself. Having grown up facing such challenges, I know how training can be improved. I’m determined NOT to repeat the same mistakes as those schools.

What is the point if the teacher can't see your mistake?

Microscope camera high quality
See the our microscope camera quality. We don't use cheap products.

I even put the IPS monitors for every microscope so then we can see from any angle.
I can see what you are doing far away from my desk. 

If you wonder what IPS monitor is, I suggest you to google it.

Training Cost and Duration?

Training Cost for 2023

For local Malaysian  

  • RM 16,000 

For foreigner from oversea 

  • 3800USD

NOTE: Prices may increase annually or upon the release of a new iPhone model, as well as due to the addition of new training materials and content.

If you’re curious about why the training fee for foreigners is slightly higher, it’s because their training period is more concentrated. Usually, they stay for 4 weeks due to visa constraints, so we need to compress our schedule to accommodate their training. We’re even willing to train them on holidays if they can manage it.

Local students don’t face this issue as they have the option to extend their training over a month.

Duration and how long to complete training?

For a student with absolutely no micro soldering experience, it usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks to become proficient. However, this timeline can vary depending on your natural talent and ability to learn.

If a student has some basic experience with soldering FPC connectors or charging flexes, they typically require around 3 weeks to master all the necessary skills and pass my examination.

Our fixed training schedule is 6 days a week. Friday is off. From 10:30 AM to 6 PM.
2:00PM to 3:00PM is lunch hour.

Most of the time, we may continue working until late, even as late as midnight, if we still have the energy.

You’re also welcome to take breaks or go home whenever you need.

Accommodation and food

Not included! But Malaysia is sure one of the cheapest countries for decent meals. 2USD can even get you a full meal. 

Muslim Halal foods are available around very near. 

As for accommodation, you can search from Google map based on my location. Check the walk distance and price.

This page I have screenshot the distance from hotel and rate.

Training materials

You won’t need to bring any tools with you unless you want me to verify the tools you have. During the training, we will work on functional motherboards, not on dead boards. My aim is to teach you repair methods that are both safe and effective, with a focus on ensuring there are no side-effects after the repair.

Please keep in mind that the tools provided during the training are for practice purposes and will not be given to you or taken away afterward.

How long the support?

What kind of question is that? You’ve already paid, which means you’re part of our family.

I’m not the type who only cares about your money and then disappears. As long as I’m in this field, you’ll have our lifelong support.

If you pass all my exams, you might even qualify to become a certified branch of ours.

What if I cannot finish?

If you can’t absorb all the training at once, you can return to continue.
However, we only open classes three times a year. Each class remains open for three months and then closes for one month.

Our Training Room

September 2023

This is a small capacity training room to create a high-quality technician.
Don’t forget, this is 1 on 1 training style. 

The training lessons are specially tailored to each student’s needs and skill level. Everyone is not the same.

I’ll be monitoring your progress closely and ensuring that no time is wasted.

Old memories