Advanced Logic Board Repair Training in Malaysia

We are NOT the normal micro-soldering school that you expected. Here are some of our courses’ details. Read this all and you might have an idea we only train the student to become an ELITE technician on the iPhone. We don’t just train soldiers. We are training commando. 
You should know we also have a Youtube channel – iPhone Service Malaysia

Before you read a list of what we’re going to teach, I’ll have to tell you that a list of the course is useless if you never know how deep the professional level can be.
This is why I strongly recommend you to take a FREE trial one day class from us and then you will know what are we capable of.
After that, I’m sure you won’t be experienced the way we trained you from the other school. 

We don’t call ourselves Advanced iPhone Board Repair for nothing special.

Compared to other schools, they only provided Theory and Skills. But I found out they are really lacking many diagnosis methods.

In our training center, we have three enhancement training – Diagnosis class, Theory class, and Skill class.

Diagnosis Class - They are lacking this...

Do you know no matter how excellent the soldering skills you have, but you might still unable to solve some uncommon problems easily.
I see many technicians they can rebuild the iPhone CPU, doing a transplant/swap CPU, but they still can’t fix many uncommon problems that were just a minor part fault.

They wasted a lot of time to do a transplant (Swapping the CPU and NAND into the new board) because they can’t find the real problem.
A small component causing the entire iPhone malfunction and they didn’t know.

I found out their problem is missing many ways of diagnosis techniques and SOP.

Diagnosis and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

Many students that graduated from other schools and they still asking the stupid question such as below.

This is one of the top common noob questions that is everywhere. This is a big problem if the question is coming from students that are trained.

They asked this question is because they don’t have an SOP of how to check the circuit step by step.

Same as above, they lacked an SOP of how to step by step troubleshooting.
Many schools don’t bother to teach you SOP.
They thought by teaching you how to read diagram and you will be okay. So they don’t come up with an SOP for each specific problem.

Here, every day we are repairing the iPhone logic board. Sometime there will be a special problem that needs to be diagnosis by professional methods.
This kind of cases I would love to do it in the front of students to let them learn.

You will be blindly changing the IC without an SOP

I created many rules for different kinds of problems. We called it SOP. We have a step by step list to check the problem. Where to begin, what kind of diagnosis tool need to use, what caused it, and more.

Never blindly to replace any IC or removing components without the evidence to verifying it’s dead.
Multiple ways to verify the IC is the problem before we remove it. 
Avoiding this kind of SOP might create more problems than it had. 

I always telling students "Learn the rules like a pro, and then bend the rules like an artist."

Lim @ iPhone Service

It means you can only skipping my SOP when you are very well experienced with that symptom and problem. 

Diagnosis on real cases - Gain experience every day

Yes, because we have the motherboard to repair every day.
I love to examine how is my student level by letting them to check where is the problem and how is their procedures. 
Every one brain is not same, I need to know their bad habits and apply the SOP for them.

Let say if we already taught you the “Display circuit”, then when we have an iPhone with a similar problem, we’ll test your diagnosis skills.

Students will be improving very fast by knowing their error of diagnosis and absorbing our ways of troubleshooting.

Don’t just apply the solution without knowing how we found out and why it happened.

Two Diagnosis Class Learning

We teach the diagnosis in two ways. 

Diagnosis - Traditional methods

Traditional way is means I assumed you don’t have the high-tech diagnosis tools such as Thermal Camera, Logic Analyzers, oscillator scope. 

So there would be a lot of diagnosis techniques without using those kind of tools. Most famous schools in China is considered a traditional method to me.
Slow diagnosis, but this is the cheapest to begin the repair business.

Diagnosis tools are usually with a Standard Power Supply, Rosin, Freezer, information that about iTunes error codes and panic files that came from ZXW, WuXinJi, or school made papers.

Diagnosis - Advanced methods

Modern way means we do have a thermal camera to scan where is the short. 
Or to see how the CPU is unable to boot up by our recommended custom thermal camera. Many new diagnosis methods can be only be done by using a thermal camera.

The advanced diagnosis skills will save you a lot of time or parts. But this is also the most expensive investment for your workshop.

  • Logic Analyzer –  You will be needing this if you’re going to be a data recovery specialist.
  • Apple Engineer Diagnosis  – We can use the Apple command code to diagnosis the motherboard issue. Such as i2c, RAM test, NAND test, all voltage output. (I’ll post a video here soon)
  • Thermal Camera – This is the best tool that invested. We have tons of videos about special problem detected by thermal camera. It can even detect the CPU problem. 
  • Oscillator Scope – Opss, sorry… I don’t find this useful when I have the tools above. Logic Analyzer can already do what oscillator scope that can do in the smartphones PCB. If you want learn to this tool, not here.

Diagnosis tools are Special Power Supply, Thermal camera, DSCD Cable with diagnosis programs, error codes and panic files with non-stop online update, and more access to special diagrams.

Theory Class

Not only we teach you how to read the diagram, and how to draw it.
This is NOT enough.
We are not like those schools that never let you to know “How they get this special knowledge and where is their sources?”
Especially the third-party draw diagrams. It’s because the Apple never release the Touch ID and Face ID schematic. There are a few famous school who are selling the diagrams online, but the question is how they get it?

So I’ll teach you how to buy and where to get this kind of resource. How to search is also important.

Theories about how circuit works

By understanding how the circuits work, you can modify or create an own solution for some specific problem.
You can repair the problem that a normal technician couldn’t. I have a real case uploaded to YouTube, watch it and you will understand what level you can be after you trained.
Video link is here – iPhone 6S NAND Reset line short Error 4014

Theory Class List

I don’t like to post this out because some academy will just copy my list and saying they also have.
So I’ll purposely hide some of the topic of theory class in here. 
Below is the list I can share to public.

  1. Get to know logic board’s components (iPhone and iPad)
  2. Schematic diagram reading and drawing
  3. Heat sensitive components in Apple (What kind of temp or why it short)
  4. Tools explanation – Multi-meter, DCPS and more.
  5. Power-up Logic Board requirement and condition.
  6. Boot-up requirement and sequence. 
  7. Buttons circuit
  8. Charging circuit and USB 
  9. How to analysis the iTunes error code like a pro + Noob error code charts
  10. NAND / Hard disk Class – How many NAND type and compatible, Upgrade storage, NAND programming, problems related to NAND.
  11. Display circuit
  12. Touch circuit and 3D touch
  13. Device reboot itself randomly analysis (Panic file report analysis + noob charts)
  14. WiFi and bluetooth circuit
  15. Audio Codec and Speaker circuit
  16. Vibrator/Taptic circuit
  17. Touch ID and Face ID circuit
  18. Proximity sensor circuit
  19. Camera and flashlight circuit
  20. GPS, Compass,  Accelerator, Air pressure, GYRO circuit
  21. Baseband circuit
  22. Cellular Network circuit
  23. How to unlock ID of the iPhone and iPad

By the way, If you’re a Malaysia Chinese, the Theories Class we can teach in two languages – English and Chinese. By knowing this two languages is very beneficial. Because we are very easy to get the latest info especially when you are searching in internet or listening the elite groups chat.
Sometimes the Western come up with new problems or solutions that China doesn’t know. Or the China selling tools that Western didn’t know.
This is why I’m easily one-step-ahead. 

This is also one of the reasons why I’m so special by combining the Western and China knowledge.

Theory class goal is about perspective from a true technician. We find the source of the problem and fix it. DO NOT blindly based on other people solution. Sometimes we are even to create a solution that is not original from the schematic.

Lim @ iPhone Service Malaysia

Skills Training

Don’t think the skills you learned are only able to apply on the iPhone or iPad. It’s actually can use in any other smartphone or PCB repair.
Once you master the micro-soldering and heat-control, you can even fix the other stuff. 
Occasionally I do fixing modem routers, laptops, car ECU, and more. But those are just helping my friends and cousins.

Below is the list of practical skills you’ll be learning, but actually, it’ll be more than the list in the real training. The list is just a surface of the practice. That’s why I said you can come for a Free Trial Training and then you’ll know how deep our training will be.

  • Micro-soldering and BGA works
  • Jumpers
  • Repair all kind of broken pads
  • FPC Connector Repair
  • Repair broken flex
  • Layer installation (iPhone X, XS, 11 series)
  • Face ID repairing
  • CPU A8
  • CPU A9
  • CPU A10
  • CPU A11 and A12
  • How to remove NAND without affecting layer and preserve the NAND (iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max)
  • How to remove NAND without affecting CPU and preserve the NAND (iPhone 5S, iPhone 5)
  • How to remove RAM without affecting CPU and preserve the RAM (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus)
  • How to remove Power IC in every models without affecting anything and preserve the Power IC
  • Multiple ways to safe cleaning the underfilled black glue on the IC and board
  • iPads NAND removal

After you have done our skills training, I’m sure you don’t even need to put a coin, shield, or thermal tape to repair the logic board anymore.

Here is one of my example video – iPhone 6S Power IC replacement

Training Equipment

I’m a guy who like to buy the new tools and review them. Our equipment is one of the best for students that you won’t see available in the others.
Even the microscope is different in quality. You will know why I selected those tools when you’re taking a Free Trial Course.

When your training reached to a certain level, you will be training with JBC soldering onward. I want you to feel the low-end equipment and then upgrade in the later of the process. So that I can make sure you can repair in a poorly equipped place too.

Microscope Quality

You will never know the differences between the normal microscope and branded microscope from Leica, Olympus, and Nikon until you test it.
The microscope we are using is custom internal built with branded materials.
You’re welcome to check it out.
Without a good quality microscope, you will really miss a lot of details that are critical for a certain diagnosis.

Microscope LED old UFO
Don't tell me to use the big UFO LED anymore, It's blocky and you're unable to do a lot of perfect job with this.
Microscope LED small 2018
We have a few options. This is one of the most popular LED that also using in our training centre.

We are watching you...

I despise those schools that just take the money and put the students aside to practice themselves. No one to see their mistakes for many hours or days.
This is why we need every student to have a good microscope with a high-quality camera to let us see their problem instantly.
I want you to save your time of the training by correcting you ASAP. You need the teacher to see your mistake, right?

You guys are so fortunate by not learning the way I was in many years ago.
For a technique that just needs 5 minutes to master, they wasted me a few days because they can’t see what’s wrong in the process or don’t even bother. I have to figure myself.
I grew up in a hard way, so I know how exactly the training can be improved. I’m NOT going to do the same as them! 

Microscope camera high quality
See the our microscope camera quality? We don't use cheap products.

I even put the IPS monitors for every microscope so then we can see from any angle.
I can see what you are doing far away from my desk. 

If you wonder what IPS monitor is, I suggest you to google it.

Training Cost and How long?

For local Malaysian  (We just started to accept the local students in 2020 due to our country locked down)

  • RM 12,000 (without any tools that you can take it out from our place, all the tools provided in training only) (Suitable for who are already repairing BGA IC)
  • RM 15,000 (Starter pack and with many impressive tools that will be yours. I’ll explain this more when in the free trial training. You can decide later) 

For foreigner from oversea 

  • 3800USD (Starter pack and with many impressive tools that can be chosen) 

If you wonder why the foreigner is slightly expensive is because of the training time is intense. Normally, they stay for 3-6 weeks because of the VISA staying duration, so we need to compress our schedule to train them. We sacrifice the holidays or Sundays to train them if they can keep up. 

Local students won’t have this problem because they can extend the training for a few months if they are busy working. Maybe they just attend twos day a week. That’s why our schedule for local students is much more flexible. 

Interesting for the Free Trial? Talk to me first.

As I said earlier, it’s impossible to list down everything on the web site. There is so much information that you don’t even know is exist. As I said, you never know how deep the rabbit hole is until you found someone who is really in this field.

This is why I’m offering a free training trial without need you to pay anything first. Get to know our “rabbit hole.”
That’s why you must need to meet me first, so I can know your current level and let you know what you will get more from me that is not listed here.
I’m sure you will learn a lot already before you join my class.

About the meeting up...

If you expect I will be hard selling and bragging how good we are, then you are wrong.
If you expect I’ll type a lot of smiley face in the message and say yes yes, we have everything. Sorry no. 

To be honest, I don’t hard sell or begging students to join. I’m not that desperate to earn money in that way. I rejected a few students that have learning attitude problem.

Meeting up is to see each other compatible also. Get to know each other more. Read the real face expression instead of emoji.

Once the meeting is okay, I’ll set up a customized free trial course according to your knowledge and skill level. Free Trial Training is one day or two days depends on your level. 

I do really hope the other schools can also let you have the trials to know the difference. 
By taking a few days of free training and knowing how fast the learning and how strong you can be. This sure will change your current expectation.
Because most people’s expectation is wrong initially, you guys sure are like me that many years ago, imagining how the learning will be. It’s definitely NOT what you imagine now.

Just take a trial, and it’s okay if you’re not choosing us in the end. No money lose, don’t worry. 

Our training room

This is a small capacity training room to create a high-quality technician. I train the student to become an elite technician that is independent. From zero to hero.
This setup can easily let us focus on their progress.
Customize their learning progress. Faster let them able to make money with the newly learned skills.

Each person has a desk that is at least 4 feet.
Space is essential to make the student stress free.

Old memories

Miss you guys!