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iPhone Battery Replacement

Original iPhone Battery Replacement Service

iPhone Battery Replacement Service

Every battery has a limited lifetime.
Apple iPhone and iPad batteries will become weak after two years of usage. If you’re a heavy user, it can be only good for one year.

Scroll down for the price list.

How long time to replace the battery?

Depends on the model. Most models from iPhone X and older models, they all can be done in 15 to 30 minutes. Just walk in anytime within our operating hours. 
But newer models such as XS or above need to make an appointment before come.

Battery problem symptoms

Check your battery condition for free

It’s F.O.C. to check your battery status in our shop.
We read the battery condition to show you what’s wrong with it. Because we don’t replace the iPhone battery if it’s not needed.
Don’t just trust the iOS battery health, and it’s not so detail and inaccurate most of the time.

Scroll down to the FAQs section to know how do we check the battery in another way. 

iPhone Battery Replacement Price List

Below the price list is the original battery. 

  • iPhone 4 RM 80

    *Stock limited. Need call us before coming.*

  • iPhone 4S RM 80

    *Stock limited. Need call us before coming.*

  • iPhone 5 RM 100
  • iPhone 5S RM 100
  • iPhone 5C RM 100
  • iPhone SE (1st Gen) RM 150
  • iPhone 6 RM 130
  • iPhone 6 Plus RM 130
  • iPhone 6S RM 150
  • iPhone 6S Plus RM 150
  • iPhone 7 RM 180
  • iPhone 7 Plus RM 180
  • iPhone 8 RM 220
  • iPhone 8 Plus RM 220
  • iPhone X RM 220
  • iPhone XR RM 350

    Need 2-3 days to replace. Stock Limited.

  • iPhone XS RM 380

    Need 2-3 days to replace. Stock Limited.

  • iPhone XS Max RM 400

    Need 2-3 days to replace. Stock Limited.

  • iPhone 11 Coming Soon

    *Appointment only*

  • iPhone 11 Pro Coming Soon

    *Appointment only*

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Coming Soon

    *Appointment only*


Yes, I can teach you one of the ways. But it requires a PC (Window) can do it too.
Here is the link to our article about How-to-read-the-iPhone-Battery-condition.

Data is NOT affected. Memory all remain the same after we replaced it.

It’s 15 to 30 minutes, depends on the model.

From iPhone 4 to iPhone 6 Plus is 15-20 minutes.

iPhone 6S to iPhone 7 Plus is 20-30 minutes.

iPhone 8 to iPhone X is 30-60 minutes because we’re installing back the water-resistance.

Yes. We do reinstall a new water-resistance seal if the seal is affected.

But please beware, the water resistance is only good for the first few months. Even if your phone is bought new from Apple and never tampered before.
Because the seal is rubber, it will get degraded by the heat because iPhone sometimes gets hot.

So in actuality, before you change the battery, your iPhone cannot resist water as you think. 

Hard to believe? Read it yourself on the Apple website. They said it too.
I repaired countless iPhone X, 11, or even iPhone 12 that are water damaged. 

6 months warranty for iPhone 6 and newer models.

3 months for iPhone 5S and older models.

Yes, Apple Center can do iPhone battery replacement too, but their policy is bad.
They won’t accept your device if one of the conditions below is met.

  • Water damaged / Liquid damaged
  • Screen cracked
  • Housing dented or scratched too many
  • Unable to erase data and log out the iCloud (The phone must be empty with no personal data)
  • Inside hardware has been tampered before

No matter where you changed the battery before, we can check for you is it a battery issue or a motherboard problem.
If it’s a motherboard problem, we still can repair it in our shop.

We fixed a lot of cases the battery is drained out very fast. Usually they’re either charging IC problem or Power IC which can be repaired in 1 day.

Yes. Visa and Master.
No surcharge. 0%.

Battery bloated

iPhone screen gap
iPhone Battery Buldge
Swollen iPad Battery
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