Original iPhone Battery Replacement Service

15 Minutes | On-The-Spot Replace | Warranty 6 months

Every battery has a limited lifetime.
Apple iPhone and iPad battery will become weak after two years of usage.
We provide iPhone Battery replacement for the old iPhones.

Battery problem symptoms:

It’s F.O.C. to check your battery status in our shop.
Face to face we read the battery condition to show you what’s wrong with it. Because we don’t always do iPhone battery replacement if it’s not needed.
Don’t trust the iOS battery health, and it’s not so detail and inaccurate most of the time.

iPhone Battery Replacement
  • Free Battery Report
  • Face 2 Face
  • 15 Minutes Job
  • No Need Appointment
  • Always Stock Ready
  • Data No Effect

iPhone Battery Replacement Price List

iPhone Battery Replacement Price List 2021


How do I know is the battery original? or condition?

Yes, I can teach you. Anyone with a PC (Window) can do it too.
Here is the link of our article about How-to-read-the-iPhone-Battery-condition.

What about my data?

Data is not affected.

How long to change an iPhone battery?

It’s about 15 to 20 minutes for any iPhone.

Warranty how long?

6 months warranty for iPhone 6 and newer models.

3 months for iPhone 5S and older models.

Do you accept credit card or debit card? Any charges?

Yes, we accept VISA and Master.
No charges.
No Amex.

Why not go to Apple Center?

Yes, Apple Center can do iPhone battery replacement but their policy is bad.
They won’t accept battery replacement if one of condition below met.

1. Water damaged / Liquid damaged

2. Screen cracked

3. Housing dented or scratched a lot

4. Unable to erase data and log out iCloud (They require you to fully restore the iPhone to clean)

5. Inside hardware is tampered before

I already done an iPhone battery replacement, but I still have problem...

First, no matter where you changed the battery, we can check for you is it battery issue or motherboard issue.
If it’s motherboard issue, don’t worry. It can be repaired in our shop. [Motherboard Repair Service]