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How to check iPhone Battery or iPad Battery

This page is talking about how do we check battery health in a better way. If you’re reading Battery Health from the iOS, it’s NOT detailed enough. Because we saw a lot of cases when the iOS said it’s okay but the actual battery status is very poor. We cannot trust the iOS battery’s health at all. 

Why iOS Battery Health can’t be trusted?

Because it didn’t show info like below…

  • Charge Cycle
  • Actual Capacity it can hold
  • Original Capacity
  • Temperature of the battery.
  • Battery production date

The best way to read battery condition

You don’t need to buy any tools to check the battery performance. Even for us, we use the PC to check the battery performance. 

Anyone with a PC window can do it. Here we recommend the program is called 3u tools.
You can download it from here www.3u.com. It’s completely free and no malware/virus.

What is 3U tool?

This program can do a lot of things, it creates a custom ringtone, transfer photo between PC to phone, manually backup things separately and more… You know how painful the iTunes it is. This program can let you forget about iTunes.

How to check the battery condition with PC?

Install the 3utools and open it. You will see this interface. 

Check iPhone Battery by PC

You will see there is showing Battery Life. But it’s reading exactly what the iOS showing which is not useful. So you need to click the Details button.


So this is the page that shows everything about your battery. And below I’ll explain what we normally read from it. 

Charge Cycle

It’s known as a charged cycle. This can know the iPhone Battery usage. We can know it’s new, used, or even how many times it charged before.

For every 100% of the battery already used, it will count as one. 
Let today you used 60%, and tomorrow you used another 40%. It will count as one. Doesn’t matter how you charged it back or how many percent you charged from. It will know.

The more charge cycle you have is mean the weaker battery you have.
NOTE: If this value is more than 600 times, it’s considered a weak battery. Don’t forget every battery has a lifetime. 

Actual Capacity

Actual capacity is mean exactly how much the battery capacity of your current battery can hold. This will be changed according to the charge cycle. 
You compare it to the original design capacity and you will know how much different. 

NOTE: The battery is a part that is stored chemicals for energy. You won’t get exactly the same amount as the original design capacity. It’s okay that has a 5% more or less compared to the original design capacity.

Original Design Capacity

Original design capacity is mean this model original how much capacity designed from Apple. This is your reference point. 

Let say if you bought a high-capacity battery. The value of Actual Capacity should be more than the Original Design Capacity.
If that battery advertises it got an extra 30% juice, then you just have to add 30% from this reference point to know it by comparing it to Actual Capacity.

This is important to know how much actual capacity it has and then compare to the original design capacity. iOS health percentage is calculated by this two.
Bought a high capacity battery? We found out so many fake high capacity batteries.
How to check iPhone Battery High Capacity: Let say you bought an iPhone 7 High Capacity Battery which is stated 30% extra. iPhone 7 original is 1950mAh and this Actual Capacity should be about 2535mAh. If it’s is around 1950mAH or less, then it’s just an ordinary battery.
NOTE: The actual capacity will be minus 1mAh after each charge cycle.

Production Date

This one we don’t care at all. As long the condition of the battery is okay.
Please do not expect you replaced a battery today and expect this date will be the same as this year. Because this is normal that if the battery is dated from a few years back.

Apple made the spare parts same time when they’re releasing the model for selling. Once the model stops selling, the date usually won’t get newer.


How to know the battery is original?

The original battery’s actual capacity is won’t be less than 5% of the original design capacity when it’s in a completely new condition.
Not original normally is 5% to 10% lower.

Some even have already hundreds of charged cycles.

I open iTools and it won’t detect my iPhone…

It might need the latest iTunes which you don’t have installed on your PC, you can go to Apple website download the latest iTunes.

The 3U still needs the iTunes drivers to detect the iPhone or iPad. 

The battery capacity show 100mAH only, and the iPhone keeps restarting itself.

Check the battery is connected properly.
If yes then try another battery.
If the above two steps you have done and still the same, then confirm it’s a logic board problem.
A line called SWI (Battery reading circuit) on the board is not working. Don’t worry, it can be repaired. If you need our help, check our contact page.

The reading from 3U has many blank or no data.

Then something is wrong with your battery or the connection between the battery and logic board.
Bring it to a technician, nothing you can do at this point as an end-user.

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