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About Us

iPhone Service Malaysia

You need to know there is ONLY ONE iPhone Service in Malaysia. 
We don’t have any other outlet or branches. We only have one shop located in South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

There are too many fake shops using our name or logo.
Below is the evidence that we are legally registered the company name in Malaysia.

iPhone Service Malaysia Bank Account
You can't custom the name of your bank account. You can verify by looking at bank account holder name.
Real iPhone Service Malaysia
We have officially registered our business license, which means no one else can use 'iPhone' as a business name.

Evidence of repairing iPhone since 2008

Screenshots below are the evidence of us repairing iPhone since 2008.

Low Yat Forum iPhone Repair
LowYat.net forum topic started date is uneditable.
Best iPhone Repair Low Yat
Customer feedback is evidence too...

Check our customer feedback’s date in Low Yat Forum. 

Nowadays, many shops are trying to fake their profiles to scam customers. While we usually don’t mind, the problem has become worse recently, as many of these shops lack professional training and have caused more damage than repair.

The worst of these shops claim to be related to us, but they are not. To distinguish between real and fake shops, please continue reading the story of our founder, Mr. Lim, below.

Company History

The very first on-the-spot iPhone repair shop was born in Malaysia in 2009, and I’m genuinely the one who has been repairing iPhones since 2008.
At that time, the first generation of the iPhone became popular, but it was only launched in the USA and then imported by third-party sellers to Malaysia. Nobody in Malaysia knew how to repair it.
At first, I was just trying to help some forum members solve their iPhone problems, but soon I realized that there was a need for iPhone repair services in Malaysia. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford a shop back then, so I opened a kiosk instead and started to accept walk-in repair services in The Mines Shopping Center.


iPhone repair shop 2009
I was using other company name that time.
iPhone Service Malaysia 2009
2009 We still selling iPhone 2G and 3G.

Later years I moved into a shop. From a counter booth (Kiosk) upgraded to a shop in Mines 2.


iPhone Service Malaysia 2011
From kiosk upgraded to shop. I moved to Mines 2.
iPhone Service 2011
The Mines2 is a dead mall. But it doesn't affect my business. My customers all came from online.
All sweety girls were my staff.

Unfortunately, our shop in Mines 2 had to move again because the mall was going to close down, and all tenants were forced to move out. However, we received some compensation from Mines 2 and moved to South City Plaza in 2012.


2012 South City Plaza
South City Plaza was a quiet mall. Rental was cheap at that time. Very suitable to me.
Renovated. More space than last shop. I split the shop into half.

The newer the iPhone is, the harder it is to repair, especially back then when no one in Malaysia could repair the iPhone motherboard. I had to travel to China to learn advanced micro-soldering skills and PCB repair. This allowed me to become a leading professional in iPhone repair because I could repair the motherboard of the iPhone. I also started building a team at the same time.

I have proof that I started repairing motherboards in 2015. You can find the evidence in the first video on my YouTube channel.


GLON Wyman and Lim iPhone Service Malaysia
Wyman visited my workshop. I learned the CPU repair from him in 2016
GLON Wyman and Lim iPhone Service Malaysia
Wyman visited my workshop. I learned the CPU repair from him in 2016

Since I joined the China iPhone Repair Union in 2017, my team has received massive support from the global community. We have repaired at least a few thousand iPhones by now. There are many secret skills, special equipment, and expensive tools required to be the best iPhone motherboard repair masters.

We continue to train for the latest iPhone models and buy the latest repairing tools. Our shop’s costs were already exceeding 180k in 2017, and it continues to grow. This is not an average repair shop that you would find on the street.


Half of my working time is spent running to different places to teach motherboard repair and iPhone data recovery. I have become a logic board repair instructor.

Over time, I have gained skills and knowledge from multiple academies, blending the best techniques from the West and China to create a better teaching method that saves time for students, is easy to learn, and imparts special skills

iPhone Repair School
Teaching tool usage and some certain IC sensitive of heat.
iPhone motherboard repair class Malaysia
Students came from Germany, USA, and India.
iPhone Motherboard Repair Training Center
Iraq students
Class iPhone Motherboard repair
Chinese or English also can teach

Some of them have their own shop. There is a list of those certified technicians that can repair iPhone motherboard the our page Worldwide iPhone Repair Centers.


We renovated the shop again in 2018 for more working space. 

iPhone Motherboard Data Recovery Station Malaysia
A single working desk can easily cost more than 20k. So you know why we can't go to your house do the repair. We need to do in the lab with every best tool.

It is important to work in our lab as a single working desk could easily cost more than 20k. Therefore, we cannot go to a customer’s house for repair. On-site jobs have many limitations and the best quality work can only be done in our lab.

An example of bad on-site repair is when they open the screen by force prying, which damages the water-resistance seal and leaves an invisible gap that affects the water resistance quality even if a new rubber seal is put back on. Additionally, there is a high chance of scratching the device.

This kind of on-site repair is outdated since the release of the iPhone 7, which comes with water resistance seals. The proper way to open an iPhone is to use a pre-heater machine to warm the screen and then pull it up with a screen opening tool so that the rubber will be intact and without scratches.

It is like wanting a doctor to do heart surgery inside a hospital instead of on the street.


Until now, we have seen the market overflow with amateurs calling themselves technicians. We have faced situations where customers’ iPhones were further damaged due to poor and inexperienced workmanship.

We hope you understand the difference between a “Fast Repair Shop” and a “Real Specialist.”

Some repair shops may claim to have an Apple Certified Technician (ACiT), but this certification only proves that they can handle basic repairs. Even actual Apple Technicians who work inside Apple service centers are unable to repair advanced tasks such as motherboard repair and data recovery, which are tasks that we perform on a daily basis.

Occasionally, Apple technicians may even refer data recovery jobs to us since they can only replace parts or the entire device. That is why we maintain that there is no Apple Repair Service Center, but rather an Apple Replacement Center.


We’ve been actively making videos on YouTube, so if you want to see tutorials or learn how we repair iPhone motherboard problems, feel free to subscribe to our channel.


Due to COVID19, the country is in locked-down mode. Not only we can’t take international students, we were not allowed to open the shop for a long time.

My small training room

So I successfully converted the training course into an online version and the result is great!

Are you interested? Click the image go to online course detail.


We have moved once again! July 2023.
This move was necessary to accommodate the growing demand for our offline classes. Below is a video taken before we renovated the shop.

Relocating from a shopping mall to a second-floor shop in a commercial area, we’ve expanded from a 650-square-foot shop lot to a spacious 2,000-square-foot shop lot.

Before and After Renovation

Bigger place which can hold more than 10 students

I’m really happy with how things are now. We’ve made some changes to encourage a healthier work-life balance, like shorter working hours. Our main focus is on training technicians who work on motherboards.

While we continue to offer repair services to end-users, we kindly request that all appointments be scheduled in advance. Unlike before, we no longer accept walk-in visits without prior arrangement.”

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Thank you for reading!