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About Us

iPhone Service Malaysia

You need to know there is ONLY ONE iPhone Service in Malaysia. 
We don’t have any other outlet or branches. We only have one shop located in South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

There are too many fake shops using our name or logo.
Below is the evidence that we are legally registered the company name in Malaysia.

iPhone Service Malaysia Bank Account
You can't custom the name of your bank account. You can verify by looking at bank account holder name.
Real iPhone Service Malaysia
Our recently renew license

Evidence of repairing iPhone since 2008

Screenshots below are the evidence of us repairing iPhone since 2008.

Low Yat Forum iPhone Repair
LowYat.net forum topic started date is uneditable.
Best iPhone Repair Low Yat
Customer feedback is evidence too...

Check our customer feedback’s date in Low Yat Forum. 

Nowadays, many shops try to fake their profiles to scam customers. We usually don’t mind, but recently they started to done more damage than repair because of a lack of professional trained.

Worst one keeps telling people they are related to us, but it’s not.

To know the real or fake, please continue to read our founder Mr.Lim of story on below.

Company History

I’m genuinely the one repairing the iPhone since 2008.
That time was the 1st generation of the iPhone becomes popular, but only launched in the USA and then third-party seller import to Malaysia. Nobody in Malaysia knows how to repair it. At first, I was trying to help some forum members to solve their iPhone problem. Not long after, I found out the iPhone repair service is needed in Malaysia. Then I decided to do this kind of business. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford a shop back then, so I opened a kiosk instead. And I started to accept walk-in repair service in The Mines Shopping Center.​

The very first instant repair iPhone shop is born in Malaysia, 2009.


iPhone repair shop 2009
I was using other company name that time.
iPhone Service Malaysia 2009
2009 We still selling iPhone 2G and 3G.

Later years I moved into a shop. From a counter booth (Kiosk) upgraded to a shop in Mines 2.


iPhone Service Malaysia 2011
From kiosk upgraded to shop. I moved to Mines 2.
iPhone Service 2011
The Mines2 is a dead mall. But it doesn't affect my business. My customers all came from online.
All sweety girls were my staff.

Unfortunately, the shop in Mines 2 needs to move again. Because Mines 2 Mall was going to close down and forced all tenants to move out.
Received some compensation from Mines 2 and then moved into South City Plaza in 2012.


2012 South City Plaza
South City Plaza was a quiet mall. Rental was cheap at that time. Very suitable to me.
Renovated. More space than last shop. I split the shop into half.

The newer the iPhone then, the harder to repair. Especially at that time in Malaysia no one can repair the iPhone motherboard.
So I went into China to learn an advanced micro-soldering skill and PCB repair. Once again, I became a leading Professional of iPhone Repair because I can repair the motherboard of the iPhone. At the same time, I started to build a team.

I have proof that I already started repair motherboard since 2015. The evidence is the 1st video on my YouTube channel.


GLON Wyman and Lim iPhone Service Malaysia
Wyman visited my workshop. I learned the CPU repair from him in 2016
GLON Wyman and Lim iPhone Service Malaysia
Wyman visited my workshop. I learned the CPU repair from him in 2016

Since I joined the China iPhone Repair Union on 2017, my team now has massive support from the global community.

Until now, We have been repaired at least a few thousands of iPhones.

There are really a lot of secret skills and special equipment or expensive tools to be the best of iPhone Motherboard Repair Master.
Until now, we are still keep training for the new coming iPhone and  keep buying the latest repairing tools.
My shop’s cost was already excess than 180k in 2017, and it’s still adding. This is not an average repair shop that you see on the street. 


Half of my working time is running many places to teach motherboard repair and iPhone data recovery.
I became of a logic board repair instructor.

From this point, the skill and knowledge I have are from multiple academies. I merged both best of the Western and China to create a better teaching method.
Time saving for students, easy to learn, and special skills. 

iPhone Repair School
Teaching tool usage and some certain IC sensitive of heat.
iPhone motherboard repair class Malaysia
Students came from Germany, USA, and India.
iPhone Motherboard Repair Training Center
Iraq students
Class iPhone Motherboard repair
Chinese or English also can teach

Some of them have their own shop. There is a list of those certified technicians that can repair iPhone motherboard the our page Worldwide iPhone Repair Centers.


We renovated the shop again in 2018 for more working space. 

iPhone Motherboard Data Recovery Station Malaysia
A single working desk can easily cost more than 20k. So you know why we can't go to your house do the repair. We need to do in the lab with every best tool.

A single working desk could easily cost more than 20k. That’s why we can’t go to your house repair.
Those on-site jobs sure suffer a lot of limitations.

The best quality must work in our lab.

One of bad example of those meet-up face2face repair.

They open the screen by force prying, the first damage will be the water-resistance seal, and then the invisible gap will be there to affect water resistance quality even we put back the new rubber seal on it. Also, high chance will be scratched too.

That kind of on-site repair is outdated since iPhone 7 released. New devices come with water resistance seals. 

A proper way to begin open the iPhone is to use a pre-heater machine to warm the screen and then pull up with a screen opening tool so that the rubber will be intact nicely without a scratch.

You want the doctor to do the heart surgery inside the hospital or on the street?


Until now, we see the market is already overflowing with amateur calling themselves technicians. We faced a lot of customer’s iPhone is damaged further by their poor inexperienced workmanship.

We do hope you know the different between “Fast Repair Shop” and “Real Specialist.”

Some of them like to show customers they have an Apple Certified Technician (ACiT), but is a stupid license. Because even real Apple Technician that is working inside the center, they can’t repair the things I do every day – which is motherboard repair and data recovery.

Occasionally Apple inside technician passes some jobs to us, especially for data recovery works. It’s because they can only replace parts or the whole device. That’s why we always said there is no Apple Repair Service Center, and they are just Apple Replacement Center.


Been actively making videos on Youtube. Subscribe to our channel if you want to see tutorials or how we repair an iPhone motherboard problem.


Due to COVID19, the country is in locked-down mode. Not only we can’t take international students, we are not allowed to open the shop for a few months.
So I successfully converted the training course into an online version. The result is great!

Interested? Click the image go to online course detail.
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Thank you for reading!