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Upgrade iPad Storage

iPad Memory Storage Upgrade is available

iPad Upgrade Storage Service Malaysia

In Malaysia here, we can upgrade the iPad storage without the need to replace the whole device.
Using a low storage iPad is very painful. It can even slow down the performance when you’re running out of space.

Now we accept walk-in customers for the iPad upgrade service. End-users are now able to enjoy this service publicly.
Because many years ago, we were doing for dealers and distributors only.

Because upgrade iPad storage is require micro-soldering and expensive programming tools. Both are available in our workshop because we are a “Motherboard repair service center” that serving some distributors in KL.

So the upgrading iPad’s memory storage is a simple job for us, all we need to do is just change the memory chip located inside the motherboard.

Don’t worry, the chip we are using is totally original. Be sure to read the FAQs section below to know more…

new ipad storage upgrade
Upgrade iPad 5th Generation 32 GB to 128 GB.
iPad storage upgrade
Upgrade iPad is very common in our shop. We upgraded at least a hundred of iPads in a year.


So far, we have been doing the upgrade for iPhone and iPads many years. Those devices working perfectly until now.
You can even update or erase the iOS without a problem.
Zero side-effect.

We need 1 or 2 days for iPads. iPhone can be done in 2 hours because it only uses screw-driver to open and reassemble.
But the iPads cannot be fast because all the iPads screen is glued. We need a machine to open it up nicely. When reassembling, we need to put back a new glue and require many hours to wait for the adhesive to cure.

If you see someone can do it fast in just a few hours, it must be a poor quality of reassembling. The screen is not fit and loose, dust or fingerprint inside the screen, or missing screws.

We will provide ONE month warranty.

Yes, we need you to log out the Apple ID and erased all. If you have important data then you need to backup yourself into iCloud or PC.
If you forgot the Apple ID, we can unlock it but with an additional cost.

Don’t worry. We will check your iPad all functions before we upgrade.

Any problem in our hand, we will be the one responsible.

It’s possible because Apple they don’t produce own memory chip or hard disk.
The memory chip that in the iPad is called NAND flash. Those NANDs are supplied from Toshiba, Sandisk, Hynix, and Samsung.

These companies sure have their own developer tools and software.
We purchased their tools and parts, so then we can do what Apple center couldn’t. Of course, you need the professional skill to remove the NAND from the motherboard.

Because this kind of service is rare. Not many workshops are willing to buy expensive tools or pay for the training.

Second, Apple they are also doing this for their refurbish devices.

Photos Gallery

iPad 8th Generation Upgrade Storage
iPad 8th generation are support 128GB, 256GB and 512GB

iPad 8th Gen Model Code: A2270, A2428, A2429, A2430

iPad 7th Generation Upgrade Storage
iPad 7th generation are support 128GB, 256GB and 512GB

iPad 7th Gen Model Code: A2197, A2200, A2198

iPad 6th generation are support 128GB, 256GB and 512GB

iPad 6th Gen Model Code: A1893, A1954

iPad Air 2 16 GB upgrade storage before
iPad Air 2 before upgrade storage
iPad Air 2 after upgrade storage
iPad Air 2 after upgrade storage to 128 GB.
iPad Mini 2 before upgrade
iPad Mini 2 before upgrade storage
iPad Mini 2 upgrade to 128 GB
iPad Mini 2 after upgrade storage to 128 GB