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Motherboard Repair Center

NOTICE: Please make an appointment via WhatsApp or call the office before walking in.

Motherboard Repair

  • We can repair any motherboard problem of iPhone or iPad
  • Data Recovery Service from a dead motherboard or water damaged iPhone
  • Some common motherboard problems can be repaired on the same day
iPhone Repair Motherboard Center
A single working desk can easily cost more than 20k. So you know why we can't go to your house do the repair. We need to do it in our lab.

2021 Top 3 iPhone Motherboard Problem Repaired

  1. iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max No Service (Article) – (YouTube)
  2. iPhone XS motherboard problem (Article) – (YouTube)
  3. iPhone 11 series No WiFi problem (YouTube)

2020 Top iPhone Motherboard Problem Repaired

  1. iPhone Stuck in Apple Logo and reboot loop (Article) – (YouTube)
  2. iPhone X Motherboard Repair – (Article)
  3. iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Audio IC – (Article) –  (YouTube)
  4. iPhone X can’t touch and Data Recovery – (Article) – (YouTube)
  5. iPhone Motherboard Dead Suddenly for No Reason – (YouTube)
  6. iPhone 7 No Service / Baseband Problem – (Article) – (YouTube)
  7. iPhone 8 Can’t On Motherboard problem – (Article)
Other board problem you can consult us with WhatsApp

iPhone motherboard or logic board?

iPhone Motherboard is called Logic Board because Apple named their own parts.
But in Malaysia, we still like to call it a motherboard. It’s the same meaning.

What you should know...

There isn’t many qualified iPhone or iPad motherboard repair shop in Malaysia.

I’m one of the first in Malaysia who started repairing the iPhone motherboard. The evidence is on my YouTube channel of 1st video that teaches people how to repair. Please read our company profile on this page.

Today so many claim they are capable, but they are not qualified to a professional standard.
The biggest problem is they done more damage on the iPhone instead of a real repair.

Because they didn’t learn from proper school and academy, they watch YouTube and try to fix without diagnosis methods. They apply whatever solution they found on Google.

Some of them don’t have the skill and proper tools, and it becomes
Lab Rat.
After they failed to repair it, the board become more problem than before.

“They only know how to change a few ICs.”

“Having the tools to repair doesn’t mean also having precise surgical skill and experience.

The motherboard repair is a 99% success rate if you send to a real professional in first-hand.

We apologize first...

We are sorry if you feel that we are not kind of friendly that you saw in others.
It’s because we don’t keep saying or typing

“Sir, sir, yes yes we have everything” 

Typing haha, LOL or 🙂 is not helping if we can’t deliver the result in the end.

That’s why you will hardly to see us to type the emoji smiley face in Whatsapp reply.

Our workshop is working like a hospital. Most of the time we are repairing quietly because some urgent customers are waiting on the spot. 
One of our rules is DO NOT WASTE their time.

We rather to make customers happy by delivering a successful repair instead of wasting time to convince them we are the best. 


Yes. We provide warranty 1 to 3 months between, depends the problem we fixed.
Some common cases are 1 year.

Because 99% of the motherboard problem comes from user damage.
Water damage, drop too hard or using a third-party charger.
We don’t have confidence how customer takes care of their device.

If you really insist want longer, we can provide but with extra charges.

Depends the problem.
Common issue is two hours if appointment with us.
Complicated issue is few days.

Not a same day if the motherboard someone tampered before.

No. This is not a screw-driver job.
iPhone motherboard repair requires a lot of machines to do micro-soldering. Diagnosis tools along are already more than 20k value.
It’s a surgical job. We need work it in our lab. If you see any on-site service for board repair, I can only say good luck.

No. They don’t have this kind of service. It’s against their policy. This is the reason why our workshop is not officially Apple Service Center. Not we cannot obtain the authorized service center; it’s because we despise them. We want to be a real professional repair center instead of those centers only know ask the customer to replace the whole device.

Preserve customer data is our top priority. We are more like a data recovery specialist.


Just repair my iphone 7 plus audio ic and replace my battery since the technician said my battery only have 70% efficiency...... the service was good... the repair also faster and it could repair within 24 hours....the cost repair for audio ic also most affordable than other premise for iphone repair... overall is awesome.....
Excellent service. Communication with Lim & his team was very clear. They managed to fix my iPhone X faster than expected, pricing was very fair too. So far the phone works perfectly. I’d strongly recommend them to anyone who wishes to fix their iPhone. What i like about them is they are willing to accept the phone via dispatch and offered to send it back with postage (at a price).
Repair my iPhone 7 audio problem. Instead of 2-4 hours, it was settled in just an hour. Good value for money. Recommended 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Do you have any other iPhone repair branch?

No. Because the real professional is not anywhere. If you see multiple outlets, for sure they just want fast money.
That kind of shop is making money by using screw-drivers only.

Motherboard repair can be so deep. It’s involved many very expensive tools and equipment. We put our best things in one place and not separately, that’s why we only have one workshop. The strongest technician is only staying in one place. There won’t be noob technician if the master is watching them.

We do accept mail-in repair from other states or countries.
Due to our reputation, many peoples still send to us no matter how far they are from if they need professional motherboard repair.

Continue to read at this link about mailing repair.