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Motherboard Repair Center

NOTICE: CNY Holidays we are closed from 9 Feb to 18 Feb 2024. 

Certificate Verification

Certificate Verification for iPhone Logic Board Repair Training

We’ve come across many counterfeit certificates globally. Our academy issues certificates only to those who fully complete our training program. This page allows you to verify a certificate’s authenticity and is also a resource for those looking to hire a truly trained technician from anywhere in the world.

Complete Course Certificate Holders 2023 and 2024

List of students who have successfully completed skills training at our academy, iPhone Service Malaysia.
The list below is in no particular order and does not indicate any ranking.

  1. Pek Chun Ye
  2. Ahmad Faisal Bin Rosli
  3. Mohd Izzuddin Bin Harun
  4. Firdaus Bin Zamri
  5. Antonius Henry Covena
  6. Martin Vasilev Uzunov

Memories Photos

Some students choose to keep their identities private, so not all photographs are displayed publicly.