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iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max Motherboard Repair

Looking to buy an iPhone 11 series motherboard? Or you are finding someone who can repair the iPhone 11 Pro motherboard or recover the data?
Read this article before you do anything harsh and crisis happen again. 

This article is fully about the motherboard. If you looking for screen glass or other parts that a screw-driver can fix, you won’t find any info here.

Apple Service Center can't help you

I assume you have a reason that cannot claim in Apple Center and then you’re forced to looking for a motherboard replacement.
Warranty expired, or not valid to claim. 

By the way, Apple center only can replace the whole device. They don’t do the repair. Nor they will recover the data for you. 

Motherboard Replacement for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max.

Before you buy the motherboard, did your seller mention the Battery and Screen message will keep appearing after you replaced the motherboard?
Like the screenshots below.

iPhone 11 pro display message
This annoying message is forcing you to click learn more other than dismiss. Force you to read all the useless information.
iphone 11 pro battery message
Saying battery is not original is one thing. Impact the performance is another.

Why those messages are appearing even you're using the original display or battery?

It’s Anti Repair Tech from Apple. Apple wants to prevent all third-party repair from stealing their profit. 
Well. In case you don’t know, it’s already happening since iPhone XS /XS Max / XR series. 

Once the system detects the battery or display is changed, it will pop up those annoying messages. We do have a way to fix the message by moving the screen’s IC chip into the new screen. The same goes for the battery. 

But since you’re changing the motherboard, and the seller for sure didn’t provide you the original battery and LCD together. If they do, that would be the same cost as buying a whole device. Now so far we are unable to get rid of those messages. The battery and LCD chip is paired into that motherboard. Until now, we don’t have any machine to unpair and re-pair again.

So this will be your reason why you should find someone capable to repair the iPhone 11 series Logic board.

Logic board or motherboard? Actually, it’s the same thing we meant. We prefer to say motherboard in our country – Malaysia.

Reasons to repair the motherboard

  • Data recovery (Motherboard can be repaired and the data is not affected)
  • Cheaper than buying a motherboard
  • Longer warranty than a motherboard replacement
  • Refundable if can’t repair or other reasons.

You sure want to avoid found a second problem only after you bought the motherboard—expensive parts such as the LCD screen have a problem.
Our workshop will avoid this kind of situation by checking all your parts before we repair it
It would be best if you asked them to do the same for you. If they say they don’t have parts or a good motherboard to test your parts, they are clearly not pro enough. 

How to know are they pro to repair the iPhone 11 motherboard?

If you read my iPhone X article before, it’s almost the same tactic. But a different question list. Ask them the questions below.

  1. Do you have an iPhone 11 pro motherboard to test my screen? I want to know is it working or not.
  2. I want to upgrade my iPhone 11 Pro storage. Let say 512 GB. Can you do that in your store without giving it to someone else? If yes, can it be done in a few hours?

Why do we want to check them like that? Because there are too many shops advertised they know how to repair the motherboard, but most of them are sending it to another shop. Sometimes they wasted a few weeks and then return with a much more worst condition. 
Some even dare to swap your expensive screen away.
We don’t do that. Because the Apple Center can scan those parts to verify is it from the same iPhone or not.

The worst scenario is not only that. It’s the precious data that is permanently destroyed by them. We don’t like them to touch the CPU and memory. 
I saw countless idiots erased the owner’s iPhone and hoping it’s a software problem. 

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max Logic board problem list

Below is the list that we commonly repaired. All are related to the motherboard problem. 

Top 5 common motherboard problem for 11 series

  1. Power failure. (Can’t turn on suddenly. USB or charger not working at all.)
  2. No Service / No cellular signal (Any SIM card) 
  3. No WiFi ( Can’t turn on WiFi, WiFi address is missing.) 
  4. Stuck Apple Logo (Not a software problem)
  5. No Service and Can’t detect SIM (without SIM same problem)

How much to repair iPhone 11 Pro motherboard?

As our usual answer on every article, we need to check it first.
We don’t know what’s the damage on the board without looking at it.
But we can estimate a repair cost range.
It will be our Malaysian currency from RM 380 to RM 1500 in the year 2021. 

I have a specific problem, why can't you tell me the exact cost to repair?

It’s because of the motherboard design problem. It’s complicated. It can be hundreds of reasons to have a function failed.
I do really miss the old days that the motherboard repair is so simple and fast. 

If you really want to know why, you can watch the videos below to know how we repair complicated problems.

iPhone 11 Pro Logic Board Repair No Service, No WiFi, No Sound.

iPhone 11 Pro Max no service problem

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