iPhone Service Malaysia
Motherboard Repair Center

NOTICE: Please make an appointment via WhatsApp or call the office before walking in.

Software Issues

Type of Software issues

There are so many type of software problems

  • iPhone/iPad Stuck in Apple Logo
  • Need update or update problem
  • Freeze/hang
  • Apple Logo Loop (Keep restarting)
  • iPhone is disabled
  • iPad is disabled
  • Setting problem (voice-over can’t turn off, Magnifier can’t off)
  • and more…

How much to fix software problem?

It doesn’t matter which software problem you have, our price is fixed. 
RM 30 (Reset/Reformat)

RM 50 (Backup data and reset/reformat/update) 

Data Recovery

Something wrong with your iPhone? 
Whatever problem you have, please send it to us before some noob endangers your data by restore/reformat.
Because whatever action we take or the way to diagnosis your iPhone, we are sure we won’t endanger your data.
Data recovery is our expertise.
Be sure you tell us more details about what happened.


iTunes Backup Restore Failed

If the backup file in your laptop, please do not attempt to mess it if you don’t know what you are doing. Just bring the laptop with the charger to our shop. We check your backup file and then fix it.
So it can be restored to your iPhone again, or we make it viewable on your PC.

How long to fix it?

Without need to backup, it would be quick. Estimate 20 to 60 minutes can be done.

If we need to backup or recover the data, time is depends how much data you had. It would be 1 hour to 6 hours around. 
Example: a 128 GB almost fully used, it’ll takes about 4 hours.