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iPhone XS No Service / Searching / Unable to activate problem

Symptoms and problem

  • Unable to detect any SIM card
  • Searching and No Service even there is no SIM installed
  • Unable to activate after restored/reset
  • Modem Firmware is blank (Setting – General – About)
  • Dial *#06# and nothing appears
  • Mobile Data Update Failed message

If you have any one of the symptoms above or below photos, then we are confirm your iPhone has a Baseband problem

iPhone XS Mobile data update failed problem
iPhone XS Modem firmware is missing
iPhone Unable to activate

How much to repair iPhone XS Baseband problem?

It’s between RM350 to RM750 max. Exact repair cost we need to check the motherboard condition.
Also, there is many parts can cause such problems.

What is Baseband?

First, you need to know what is band. 2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE all have their own band frequency. 
But the phone before getting one of those signals. It requires having a basic band as a starter. We called it Baseband.

When we say Baseband has a problem, actually it’s mean the baseband circuit has a problem. Because Baseband has many components involved. Especially the Baseband CPU.

What is Baseband CPU?

Baseband CPU is very important. It has so many jobs. 
But the most important is it does have a unique identity to let the cell towers recognize your phone and SIM. 
It’s called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

Fun fact: Without a SIM, your phone still can call the emergency line. Because the cell towers able to recognize your phone through a certified IMEI number. 

Baseband CPU needs to be powering by Baseband Power IC.
A network IC short can be causing the Baseband Power IC to fail too. That’s why I said it’s a complicated circuit. 

So now you know when your iPhone IMEI is missing...

Not only it doesn’t detect any SIM card. The Apple server won’t allow an unknown device to be activated through their server. Because they recognize the iPhone through IMEI. 

Without an IMEI, you cannot make an emengency call too. No cell towers can recognize you. 

So my first advice is DO NOT RESTORE the iPhone if you have a such problem. 

DO NOT ask to replace Baseband CPU

You’re not a doctor. You don’t tell the doctor to do the surgical operation without diagnosing what’s the problem with your body.

iPhone’s Baseband CPU is cannot be replaced. Inside it saved a unique IMEI. It cannot be programmed or edit. 
If you lost it or swapped by someone, your iPhone is totally dead.  
It can only be repaired.

You need an expert to locate what’s the real problem instead of blindly replacing anything without training. 

Because we hate the Baseband CPU is been tampered before our hand. It will be easily killed by someone who is not trained. As I said before, it cannot be replaced. No spare part for this. 

So how to repair it?

It’s a complicated circuit. Any one of the components or connection that is broken can cause the problem. 
So according to our experience with iPhone XS, most of the baseband problems are the motherboard connection is broken due to the design is fragile.

Watch our Youtube video below to see why and how we repair the XS baseband problem. 

How long to repair the iPhone XS / XS MAX baseband?

If you already watched the video, you should understand it completely depends on the motherboard condition. 
If our schedule is not too busy, it should be 2-5 days between.

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