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Unlock Telco Locked iPhone

Malaysia Telco Lock - Phone not allowed

Malaysia iPhone Telco Unlock Price List

Yes. Now the telco lock iPhone from Malaysia can be unlocked. Check the price list below.
If the iPhone model you have is not listed, it means it’s not supported. 

If you have no idea what is telco lock, you can watch this video.


We just remove the locking part that is inside the motherboard so then it will be free again. It will be working exactly like a normal iPhone.
Only professional trained technicians can do this.

No. You can even update the iOS or erase it without a problem.
It won’t create any problem. 

1 to 3 days between. Depends on our technician’s schedule. 
Yes, you need to leave the iPhone. 

1 month for the motherboard.

6 months for network issue. If let says you get a No Service problem, we can fix it without charges.