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Unlock Telco Locked iPhone

Malaysia Telco Lock - Phone not allowed

Malaysia iPhone Telco Unlock Price List

Yes, it is now possible to unlock telco-locked iPhones from Malaysia. Please check the price list below.

If your iPhone model is not listed, it means that it is not currently supported.

If you are unsure about what telco lock means, you can watch this video.


We remove the locking mechanism from the motherboard, which allows the phone to be used freely again.
Please note that only professional, trained technicians are qualified to perform this procedure.
After the process is complete, the phone will work exactly like a normal iPhone. 

No, updating the iOS or erasing the phone won’t cause any problems. It’s completely safe to do so.

1 to 3 days between. Depends on our technician’s schedule. 
Yes, you need to leave the iPhone. 

1 month for the motherboard.

6 months for network issue. If let says you get a No Service problem, we can fix it without charges.