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Stuck Apple Logo after Update | Quick fix for Reboot Loop

iOS 13.3 Update Killed the iPhone !!!

Stuck Apple Logo after update ios13
Stuck in Apple Logo loop after iOS update completed.

Read this BEFORE you send to repair

For a problem of stuck Apple Logo or reboot loop. If your data is important and you are looking for a shop that can repair this, please make sure they have a policy of No Charge If No Data Recovered.

This can prevent those unprofessional from destroying your data and hope it will be okay so they can charge you money.
Worst are those kinds that will still ask you to pay with your iPhone is dead or more damaged.

Diagnosis procedures - Software or hardware problem?

Apple Center’s genius only tells you to restore the iPhone, and the data will be gone.

But what if the problem is still there after restored? The data is lost, and it still stuck with a reboot loop issue.

It will be too late for us to recover the data for you.

You or we can make a proper diagnosis to find out which one is the problem without affecting the data.
Software problem or hardware problem?

Whatever is it, as a data recovery expert, our priority is to SAVE THE DATA.

Here is the link of article how to diagnosis boot-loop issue yourself (Full version).
Continue to read the short version at below.

If it's a software that causing boot loop

To fix a software problem without erasing anything is to “reinstall the iOS”.
We can do it by update it again by using computer’s iTunes.
Windows users please make sure you have iTunes installed. Do not use the iTunes from Microsoft store because it’s buggy.

Download the iTunes from Apple web site and install it.

  1. Plug in the iPhone to PC and open the iTunes.
  2. Put the iPhone into Recovery Mode
  3. Click update button (DO NOT CLICK RESTORE)

How to enter recovery mode? iPhone 6S/6SP enter recovery mode and iPhone 7/7P series enter recovery mode

After you click update, you’ll end up with 1 of 3 scenarios.

Scenario 1: Update completed. Problem gone. No more stuck Apple logo.

Congratulation! It’s just a software problem. Remember always backup your iPhone. 

Scenario 2: Update process failed. Error Code appeared.

This is the worst scenario. This is a very BIG problem
There will be two type of reasons.

A: If it failed after the progress bar runs more than 10%, then most likely your data is corrupted. It might be a NAND (memory hard disk) problem. It can be repaired, but it will be no data.

B: If it failed before the progress bar even started, this is a high chance that your data is unaffected. It might be a CPU or motherboard unable to detect the NAND (Hard disk).
It can be repaired with data remained. But it needs many days to fix this issue.

Scenario 3: Update completed but still stuck in Apple Logo

The update from iTunes PC can finished without a problem. But after restart the iPhone, it’s still stuck into Apple logo and reboot looping. 
This is what I’m going to talk about in this article. But this article is about iPhone stuck boot-loop after the iOS updated
If it’s not happened because of update, please read this link.

Scenario 3: How we found out the problem

Since Apple released iOS 13.3 in December 2019, we have received a lot of clients that their iPhones stuck in Apple Logo after the update.

They sent it to our shop, and we found out the symptoms are very similar to an iPhone 7 boot loop disease.

We connected the iPhone with a DC power supply to read the responses to see what the heck is the iPhone is loading in Apple Logo. The respond was totally same as iPhone 7 boot loop disease.

Due to the iPhone 7 designed problem, there is one “speaker amp IC” on top of the motherboard that easily gets damaged if users drop their iPhone too hard. When one of the i2C lines of “speaker amp IC” is not working, the iPhone will get stuck in the Apple Logo reboot loop.

But this time it is very unusual that iPhone 6S or 6S plus also get this kind of problem. The problem appeared after an iOS update. So WTF Apple is doing?
Apple wants to give us free money? Or they want force the customers buy a new iPhone?

By the way, we tried to apply the same method to fix it.  Surprisingly it really works after we fixed the speaker amp IC. 
It’s confirmed that Apple is killing the old devices with this iOS 13.3. 
I believe they will release a newer version to patch this, but sure it will be too late for victims. 

Killing old devices?

Yes. This kind of boot-loop problem is happening in:

  • iPhone 6S
  • iphone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 
  • iphone 8 Plus

We apply a quick-fix to recover your data first

NOTE: Not every case that stuck Apple logo and reboot-loop are the same sources of the problem.
The temporary fix above is for those happened after iOS update

For who encountered this problem and want us to fix...

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