Why do we need upgrade the storage?

There are hundreds of reasons that we need a bigger capacity for memory storage.
It’s because nowadays the quality of photos and videos is superb. 
Below table you can find out why your iPhone storage capacity getting not enough.

iPhone Video Recording Memory Consumption

Video record memory consumption of iPhone
Note: All iPhone default setting is using HEVC format which is compressed already for space saving.

Let say an old iPhone SE, which has a camera 12 megapixel that video record quality is 720HD with 30 FPS.
By here, you know 8 hours of videos at that lowest quality already used more than 16 GB.

Should you upgrade the iPhone storage?

You may have an old iPhone that is around after you bought a new iPhone 11.
Some people will give the old iPhone to elders or kids.
But why not upgrade it before passing it to them?
It can be a photo album too.

But before that, I advise you to check the battery or replace the battery if you want to continue to use it. The battery has a limited lifespan.
Check out our [Battery Replacement] page for more info.

iPhone Upgrade to 512 GB

iPhone upgrade 512 GB
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