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iPhone Camera IC

iPhone Camera Problem Repair

We repaired more than a hundred iPhone camera problems.
Most of them, 90% is really just a camera problem, which can be fixed by just replacing a camera.

But 10% of them are having a motherboard problem. Some shops will say it’s the camera ic problem. 

iPhone Motherboard Camera Problem

So how do we know it’s a motherboard problem? 
Easy, we just put another camera on it to test. 
If it’s still not working, then confirm it’s a camera circuit problem on the motherboard iPhone.
To be specific, normally it’s one of the components on the motherboard circuit that failed to work.
For sure it can be repaired.

The shop told me it is a Camera ic problem...

iPhone camera ic problem

As the customer’s message said, he sent it to the other shop before, but they told him it is a camera ic problem.

Symptoms of camera circuit failed

In this case, his front camera is not working. Once we switch to the front camera selfie mode, it’s freeze or blank.

iphone motherboard camera problem
iphone motherboard camera ic problem

How much to repair iPhone Camera IC?

The price depends on your iPhone model and cause.
We need to see why and which component is causing the issue.

Usually, it’s either damaged by water, or an amateur technician accidentally broke one of the circuits while changing the screen or parts.

Below is an estimated price range. 

Camera IC repair cost

  • iPhone 5 / 5S / SE RM 100 - RM 200
  • iPhone 6 / 6 Plus RM 150 - RM 250
  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus RM 150 - RM 280
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus RM 200 - RM 380
  • iPhone X / XR RM 300 - RM 480
  • iPhone XS / XS Max RM 350 - RM 550
  • To know the exact cost we need to exam your iPhone motherboard condition first.
  • For sure we check all before we repair. Need to make sure not camera itself is the problem.
  • Some models we might need to restore (erase) the iOS. Make sure backup the data first.

Found the camera ic problem...

The first thing we do is to use the microscope to check the surrounding of the camera connector (Camera FPC). Similar to those cases before, we found one component is broken in nearby.

This kind of problem is usually caused by human nature.
It’s obvious that someone was prying from this side when taking the LCD off from the motherboard.


How long to repair camera ic problem?

A case like above is fast, 10 minutes can be done.
Human nature caused is easy to repair.
Otherwise we won’t know until we check your iPhone motherboard.

I can say this kind of issue can be a same-day collection if you make an appointment first.

iPhone camera ic repaired
Repair camera issue is a quick job.


Send to someone is a micro-soldering professional. Because If they failed to repair the motherboard, we would charge at the maximum repair cost as our price list.

If we are the first-hand repair. It will be cheaper, faster to be fixed, and the warranty is longer.