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iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Motherboard Repair

iPhone 8 series is the most problematic

Yes. The iPhone 8 / 8 Plus is the most problematic iPhone ever until iPhone XS. There are a few types of motherboard dying case. It just suddenly stops working.

Because of its design similar to the iPhone 7 series. The length of the board is too long. Very high chance the motherboard is damaged after suffer a dropped.

Before you send to repair...

Be sure to check the Apple web site for the recall program. As I said, the iPhone 8/8P is very problematic, and Apple knows it too. They have a recall list for this model — more info in this link.

Common motherboard Problems of iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

  • Stuck at Apple Logo or Reboot Loop
  • Stuck in Recovery mode or DFU Mode
  • Can’t power on 
  • No Service (Baseband problem)

Apple Logo Reboot Loop

iPhone boot loop

Most of the boot loop issues on the iPhone 8/8P is a hardware problem. 

Normal shops or Apple Centers don’t care about your data, and they will just attempt to restore/erase everything.
We care about your data, so we don’t do anything that will risk your data.
If it’s a software issue, then we just enter recovery mode and click update, so it will be fixed with all your data remained.
If the update failed when the progress bar started more than 1%. It’s a hardware problem that can be repaired, and your data still remain.
But before that we will ask do you want to let us check the hardware by opening the iPhone.

There are a lot of parts that can cause the boot loop. First, we will try unplugging everything inside and then use a new battery and screen to power on. If it’s none of the plug-in parts is causing the problem, the last step would be a motherboard diagnosis. High chance it’s one of the IC or a component failure, but it’s still repairable.

Estimate Repair Cost: RM200 to RM850. We must need to check first for the exact cost.

Stuck in Recovery Mode / DFU

You tried restore in PC iTunes but it failed and show you an error code. 

  • 4013
  • 4014
  • 10
  • 9
  • and more

Whatever the code is, the problem is confirmed from the motherboard. The CPU or the NAND memory is not working.

This can be repaired but usually the cost would be high.

Estimate Repair Cost: RM400 to RM850  (Let us check first to know the actual price)

Motherboard Can't power on

I believe you already tried a new battery, LCD screen. Charger port or buttons, but you’re still unable to power it on.

So it would be a motherboard problem, but I’ll split into two categories. 
Motherboard is shorted and no short

Motherboard Short

How to know the motherboard is shorted? 
The iPhone will be hot if you still charging it.

Because one of the components inside the motherboard is broken, it’s hot because the voltage keeps leaking on that faulty part.

Estimate Repair Cost: RM200 to RM750 (Check first to know exact cost)

Motherboard No short

If there is no heat or warm while you are charging it, it’s a bigger problem that might be the most afraid case we encountered on iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.
Most likely is the CPU failed to work because the motherboard internal layer is broken. We will need time to diagnosis the CPU working condition.

Estimate Repair Cost: RM350 to RM800 (Check first to know exact cost)

No Service (Baseband problem)

iPhone 7 No Service problem motherboard

This problem is the same as the article on iPhone 7 series that I wrote before.

[Read at this link]

Estimate Repair Cost: RM400 to RM750 (Check first to know the exact cost)

Final Advise

The success rate of repair iPhone 8 / 8 Plus motherboard is 98%
But such high success rate is for first-hand repair cases. 

Because if you already attempted to repair the board and failed, it will make it harder to detect the “original damaged / source of the problem.” 

The success rate is lower if someone touches the motherboard.