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iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Audio IC Repair

Every day, we repair the Audio IC on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices.
This issue is the iPhone 7 series TOP 1 motherboard problem.

If you go to an Apple Center, they can only offer you a replacement of the same model at a high cost. However, you don’t need to worry because we are professional motherboard repair specialists and can permanently fix the problem.”

Symptoms of Audio IC problem:

  • Loudspeaker button is grey while calling
  • Unable to record in Voice Memo (Nothing after you click record) or freeze.
  • Microphone is not working (People can’t hear you talk)
  • Video record problem 
iPhone audio ic problem symptoms
The speaker button is grey while calling

I wrote an article about Audio IC in my old blog a year ago.

iPhone 7 Audio IC Repair Cost

How much cost to repair the Audio IC problem for iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus in Malaysia?

Currently is RM 300 Nett with one year warranty. (Latest price in 2023)

Not in Malaysia?

We might have someone near you. Check this page for the Qualified Repair Centers that are able to repair this problem. 


The repair can be done in 2 to 3 hours between. No need appointment if reach before 3:00 PM. Open every day except Friday.

Data won’t be affected. But we will need your password to test everything. If you have privacy important data issue, you can backup yourself and erase all the data before you send it to us.

Yes. We accept Visa or Master only.
No surcharges.

Sorry, no. But we will discount if the iPhone been repaired other things in our shop before.

First of all, iPhones are not water-proof.
They are just water resistance.
When we do any repair or upgrade on your devices, we will replace the “water-resistance seals” if it’s damaged.

But you must know that the iPhone can still get water damaged even it’s not opened before. Let say a new iPhone water-resistance is only good for the first few months.
After a few months, the iPhone suffered the hot weather and cold. The rubber seals became weak and loose.
We repaired countless iPhone X, XS, or 11pro that were water damaged. Trust me on this.

We will be responsible for it.
but so far never happened due to our very well trained skills and high-end tools for the job.
Because if the board is never messed by other people before, it shouldn’t have any surprise.

Speaking of which, a long time ago there was a case not related to Audio IC repair, the device was repaired at another shop before our hand. Suddenly the device became dead before we even begin to repair it. But the owner didn’t see it. Then we found out the motherboard is in very bad condition, the last shop they overheated the motherboard and caused a lot of potential problems. They were very lucky to return it to the owner before it becomes dead.
Since it died in our place, we will repair it without additional cost.
But the board condition is that bad, the best option was to fix it with the ultimate method – Transplant to a new board.
Transplant means we move the CPU and memory into another motherboard. Everything working nicely.

But let say if there is really an accident that causes the iPhone to become fully dead in the process, we’ll just replace the motherboard without need you to pay more.

The risk is 0.1%.

Why does it happen?

The Audio IC failed is because the solder joints below the ic-chip are broken.
Due to the iPhone 7 design problem, the motherboard of that spot is the weakest. Once it suffered a hard fall to the floor, the audio ic is the first thing to get damaged.
Not entirely your fault. It’s their design problem that they didn’t expect it.
Don’t worry, it can be fixed permanently.

iPhone 7 Plus Audio IC
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus motherboard design layout are the same. So they both having the same flaw.

My Advices

Do not send your device to a regular repair shop to fix this issue. The Audio IC on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is located behind the Baseband and CPU, and an inexperienced technician can easily damage other components, causing the device to fail. If you send me a dead device, it will cost you more money and take longer to fix.

The second reason is that regular repair shops don’t apply a permanent solution, and the problem can reoccur again, even after changing the IC.

It is important to avoid poorly trained technicians who may cause more damage and fail to repair the device. There may be more damage inside the device than you think, and a simple problem can become a complicated one. In such a condition, the cost of repair will be higher too.

How to repair iPhone 7 Audio IC?

1st Step

To fix this issue, the logic board needs to be removed from the housing.

The Audio IC is located just behind the logic board. A hot air soldering station is used to remove the Audio IC, but the technician needs to be very well trained to avoid overheating and damaging other components.

iPhone 7 Audio IC repairing

2nd Step

After removing the Audio IC, we will desolder all the remaining balls on the logic board. However, most of the time, we can see that there is a broken pad.

The real problem originates from the pad pointed out by the arrow. This is the pad that easily breaks and causes the Audio IC to malfunction. The Audio IC itself is not broken.

iPhone 7 Audio IC fix
Schematic iPhone 7

99% of the iPhone 7/7 Plus Audio IC problems are caused by this connection.

Sometimes, the pad may appear fine after we remove the IC, misleading technicians to believe that it’s just an Audio IC problem. They may replace the IC, but this fix only lasts for a short time, and the problem reoccurs later.

The internal breakage of the pad makes it barely connected.

The Audio IC on the iPhone 7/7 Plus is labeled as U3101 in Apple Schematic. This C13 pad is connected to the R1103 resistor and then directly into the CPU, making it a crucial component.

The motherboard’s flawed design makes this spot easily breakable.

3rd Step

Therefore, the pad needs to be rebuilt, regardless of how it looks.
We need to create a strong “wire jumper” from R1103 to this C13 pad to permanently solve the problem.

iPhone 7 Audio IC solution

Final Step

The final step is to reinstall the IC back onto the logic board. If the Audio IC has been previously fixed, there will be green glue beside it.

iPhone 7 Audio IC repair Malaysia

After the repair is completed, a final test is performed to ensure that everything is working properly.

Simply go to the voice memo app and try to record your voice. If it begins and is able to receive your voice, then it means that the Audio IC is working properly.

iPhone 7 Audio IC fixed Malaysia
It's not unusual that we repair this common problem every day.  

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