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iPhone 11 Pro No Service / 11 Pro Max Disease

No Service Disease Logic Board Problem on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 / Pro No Service Disease

iPhone shows No Service can be caused by many reasons. If your iPhone is one of the 11 series, then you have a very high chance that is one of the common motherboard problem in our workshop. It’s called No Service Disease which is the motherboard one of the network chipset failures. 

Before we confirm whether is a motherboard problem...

Motherboard and logic board is the same meaning. In Malaysia, we prefer to say motherboard.

Before we suspect whether it’s a board problem, we still need to check the phone first.
Because in Malaysia, we do have another problem called Telco Lock. 
Telco Lock is mean the iPhone is being locked by the telco. Blacklisted the iPhone, so it cannot use any Malaysia SIM card. For more info, you can watch our Youtube here.

Once we confirm it’s not a blacklisted device, then for sure it’s a hardware problem. Don’t bother to restore the software. iOS software is never causing the No Service issue. 

Check what kind of motherboard problem

The next step is to check which type of motherboard problem. As I said earlier, No Service problem can be many reasons. 

It can be a Baseband circuit failure. Or just one of the Network IC chipset failures. 

Why do we need to know is it Baseband or Network IC problem?
Because the Baseband repair is more expensive. 

You can also check yourself by following the step below.

Check yourself - Baseband problem or Network IC problem?

First, go to the phone dial-up page. Dial *#06#. If there is an IMEI page showing up, that’s mean the Baseband circuit is working.
So then we can confirm you become one of the victims of No Service Disease in the iPhone 11 series.
Proceed to read to know the cost of repair.

No Service Disease is Network Circuit Problem

We can say it’s a Network IC failure or Network circuit problem, or whatever that is related to the network. How technicians call it is not matter. Because there is so many Network chipset (also known as IC) inside the iPhone motherboard.

Different Telco uses different Network IC chipset. But in Malaysia, it’s much more simple. Not going to be technical here, because most of the readers here are end-users.

Once you confirmed the Baseband is working, then you have a network circuit failure problem and it’s our topic today – No Service Disease.

How much to repair No Service Disease?

*Price in 2022. Price won’t change until 2023.*

*Price will be higher if your device has a prior repair but they failed.*

Why so expensive?

Well, it’s because the iPhone logic board is very sensitive and requires expensive tools and training. It’s like surgery to choose a good doctor to operate on your heart. 

We need to cover any problem that happened on your motherboard.
What is the point of repairing the motherboard but ending up with a phone that is cannot be powered on?

This kind of job is better to send to professionals that really know how to do it. Avoid your iPhone becoming a white rat so then the amateurs practice their hand on it. 

Watch the videos below to understand how many steps are required. Seeing how careful to not damage the other things. A mistake in the process can cause the motherboard a lot of problems. 

iPhone 11 No Service / No Signal Repair Video

Below is one of the no service problem. Sometimes we do have the signal but it only works for a while. Watch the video below to know one of the symptoms and why is that.

iPhone 11 Pro Max No Service Disease Repair Video [Full Duration]

A very common problem in 11 Pro and Pro Max, it’s will be totally no service when the network circuit has a problem.