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iPhone 11 Pro No Service / 11 Pro Max Disease

No Service Disease Logic Board Problem on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 / Pro No Service Disease

There are many reasons why an iPhone may show ‘No Service.’ But if you own an iPhone 11 series, it’s highly likely that the issue is caused by a common motherboard problem known as ‘No Service Disease,’ which refers to a failure of one of the network chipsets on the motherboard.

Before we confirm whether is a motherboard problem...

Motherboard and logic board have the same meaning, but in Malaysia, we prefer to use the term ‘motherboard’.

Before we suspect that it’s a motherboard problem, we need to check the phone first. In Malaysia, we also have a problem called ‘Telco Lock’, where the iPhone is locked by the telco and blacklisted so it can’t use any Malaysian SIM cards. You can watch our YouTube video for more information. 

Once we confirm that it’s not a blacklisted device, we know it’s a hardware problem. Restoring the iOS software won’t fix the No Service issue since it’s usually caused by a faulty motherboard

Check what kind of motherboard problem

The next step is to determine which type of motherboard problem is causing the No Service issue.

As I mentioned earlier, there can be various reasons for this problem, such as a failure in the Baseband circuit or one of the Network IC chipsets.

It’s important to identify whether it’s a Baseband or Network IC problem, as the repair cost can vary significantly between the two.
You can also try to diagnose the issue on your own by following these steps

Check yourself - Baseband problem or Network IC problem?

First, go to the phone dial-up page and dial *#06#. If an IMEI page shows up, it means the Baseband circuit is working. If not, it could be a Baseband circuit failure.

If the IMEI page is present, it’s likely that your iPhone 11 series is affected by the No Service Disease. To confirm the diagnosis and learn about the cost of repair, please continue reading.

No Service Disease is Network Circuit Problem

We can call it a problem with the network IC or circuit, or anything related to the network. It doesn’t matter what technicians call it because there are many network chipsets on the iPhone motherboard.

Different telecom companies use different network IC chipsets. However, in Malaysia, it is much simpler. I won’t go into technical details because most readers here are end-users.

Once you have confirmed that the Baseband is working, then you have a problem with the network circuit, which is what we’re discussing today – the No Service Disease.

How much to repair No Service Disease?

The prices listed here are accurate for the year 2023 and will remain the same until 2024. However, if your device has previously been repaired by someone else and the repair was unsuccessful, the cost of repairing it may be higher.

Why so expensive?

The reason why the repair is expensive is because the iPhone logic board is very delicate and requires expensive tools and extensive training. It’s like having surgery and choosing a skilled doctor to operate on your heart.

We need to make sure that any issue on your motherboard is fully resolved. What’s the point of fixing the motherboard but ending up with a phone that still doesn’t work?

It’s better to send this kind of job to professionals who are experienced and know what they’re doing. You don’t want your iPhone to be a guinea pig for amateurs who are practicing and may end up causing more problems.

To understand how many steps are involved and how careful the process needs to be, please watch the videos below. A mistake in the repair process can cause significant damage to the motherboard.

iPhone 11 No Service / No Signal Repair Video

Below is an example of a No Service problem. Sometimes we have a signal, but it only works temporarily. Watch the video below to learn about this symptom and why it occurs.

iPhone 11 Pro Max No Service Disease Repair Video [Full Duration]

A common issue with the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max is that the network circuit can fail, resulting in a total loss of service.
This problem is often reported by users.