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Internation Mail-in Repair

Global Device Repair Services

We welcome mail-in repairs from other countries, but kindly review the following guidelines carefully to prevent any potential customs-related problems, like taxes, parcel retention, or rejection.

I presume you’re considering sending it to us for either logic board repair or data recovery. For tasks like screen repairs or other minor fixes, these can typically be handled by technicians in your country with basic tools, so our services are primarily specialized in logic board repair.

Parcels Oct 2023

Two options before you send out the device

To prevent tax duty charges, make sure to follow all the steps outlined in either of the options below.

Missing any of the steps below may result in the parcel being held by customs, either ours or yours custom.

Option 1 (2 steps)

1. Remove the battery

In our country, courier services do not permit the shipment of devices with batteries. Therefore, kindly remove the battery from your device before sending it to us for repair. You can reattach the battery once your repaired device is returned.

However, removing the battery is not a simple task and amateurs inadvertently damage other components, such as the screen or flex cables. It’s advisable to seek a qualified technician to safely remove the iPhone battery on your behalf, and carefully keep the battery yourself.

If you do not have a trusted technician, it is recommended to look for someone who can do the repair face-to-face to avoid the possibility of someone swapping parts out of your dead iPhone. Always keep the device within your sight during this process.”

2. Remove the LCD screen

To avoid Malaysia Customs tax, please remove the LCD/OLED screen from the device before shipping it. By sending the device without the screen, it won’t be classified as a complete unit.

If the screen is not removed, Customs or the courier may impose charges before releasing the parcel, which you will be responsible for covering.

Tip: If you need to send the screen separately for us to inspect, consider placing it in a separate box within the parcel. This will give the appearance of a disassembled device and help prevent Customs-related issues.

I repeat again, please do not assemble the screen if you want to ship the screen. 

Option 2

Find a trusted technician and request them to remove the logic board for you. Sending only the logic board without the housing is the best approach to avoid any potential complications, as previously discussed.

Packing Box tips

Warp and pack it very securely to prevent damage during shipping.

Do not just put it in an envelope; find a sturdy box and fill it with plenty of padding, such as newspapers or bubble wrap.

I DO NOT recommend using the original iPhone box for shipping, as it may attract thieves.

Payment Options

We accept payments through PayPal and Cryptocurrency (Crypto) in USD. Please contact us for a repair price estimate before shipping. The owner covers the transaction commission.

Please note that there will be an additional 5% fee for payments made via PayPal

Paypal iPhone Service Malaysia
The owner absorbs the 5% transaction fee, which is why we will add an extra 5% charge to your total bill.
As you can see, we lost 5% of total for transaction fee

Return shipping is not free

You can find the return shipping fee by visiting the websites of DHL or FedEx.

If you’d like a more economical choice like a local courier service in your country, kindly share your country and postal code with us, and we’ll help you explore those options.

However, please be aware that national postal services are typically slower, and it might take several weeks for the package to arrive.

For the fastest shipping, we recommend DHL; they are known for their efficient service.

When to pay?

You’ll settle the payment after we’ve completed the repair on your device. Typically, we’ll provide you with a video of the repaired device as a preview. Afterward, we’ll send you an invoice to request payment before shipping it back to you.

DHL express repair iPhone
Upon receiving payment, we will ship your device on the next business day.

Contact us by using WhatsApp for the fastest reply.

We do not check our email every day, so it is unlikely that inquiries sent by email will be replied to on the same day. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us via WhatsApp for a faster response.

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