iPhone unlock Apple ID

I know you found a few ways to unlock Apple ID on Google or YouTube. Here I tell you what will work and which is not and then why.
By the way, I’m Lim – a professional Apple logic board repair instructor.

Below is the list of unlocking methods, outdated one is not in the list.

Unlock Apple ID methods in 2019

Reset Password

I’m not going to talk about this since you can easily find it in Google.

Third-Party software

This is by far got most people cheated. Most are just fake software to con your money. It didn’t unlock Apple ID at all. But let say if a software able to bypass the activation, then please don’t expect you can play with it. Once the device is online, it will be detected by the Apple server and then return to a locked state.
Don’t say you won’t online, you will need to connect the WiFi to download anything.
The software is unable to disable the tracking from Apple. No one can crack the iOS security without getting sue or Apple buy them out.

Remember there is a guy that was so good at Jailbreaking the iPhone but he kept getting sue by Apple. In the end, Apple hired him as a software security advisor. But it wasn’t without a fight in the lawsuit. Because of that now Apple keeps adding new agreements in policy on their products so that they can win the sue easily. Do you remember you already clicked agree when you set up the iPhone or setting in App Store? I bet you won’t bother to read all the terms and conditions.

Proxy Method

A lot of YouTube videos you saw seem real. But most of them are fake and want to con you too. Same as the reasons above. Once the device gets online and then it’ll returns to the activation menu again. This does not unlock the Apple ID.

Official Unlock

Yes, some web site can do it by submitting your device SN or IMEI and then wait for them to remove the iCloud from the Apple server. This is the true way to unlock Apple ID but it’s very expensive and some devices might not worth it.
The second problem is they don’t unlock those Lost Mode or Erase mode. They just only unlock the clean mode devices.
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Actually those web sites are the agents from Apple insider. They are very afraid to get caught and that’s why it’s so expensive. Sometimes the price can buy another second-hand same model.

Hardware Unlock

Yes, we can do this at a cheap price. It’s hardware modification. But we do for iPads only and iPhone NO. Why?
First, you need to know how the Apple activation works.
The lock status is not stored inside the memory of the device. It’s from the Apple Server that blocks you to use it.
The server recognized the device by IMEI and Serial Number.
So by changing the IMEI and SN, the device can be unlocked?
Yes if we have a valid IMEI and SN.
No, if the IMEI and SN are not on their list.
Remember, we need a valid IMEI and SN that is on their list that is without an Apple ID locked.
But the problem is IMEI. Only those devices with the SIM card / Cellular function come with an IMEI number. The IMEI is stored in Baseband CPU which is un-programable. And this is paired with CPU. If we change the Baseband CPU and didn’t change CPU, server will detect it as an invalid device. If we change the CPU also, it’ll be more expensive, more works and high cost. This is why we don’t do this for the iPhone.

SN is stored inside the memory chip (NAND) and this can be reprogrammed with tools. This is why iPads unlock Apple ID is a cheaper option.
Interested in this? I wrote an article about How to Unlock an iPad Pro 12.9.

Change Logic Board

This option is expensive. The price is almost can buy another second-hand device. This is not actually is unlocking, the ID locked is gone because you replaced a motherboard that is completely different IMEI or SN.

Jailbreak bypass activation by using Macbook (chenckr1n)

This is the latest method that released in November 2019. The process involved jailbreak and must be done from a macOS. Sorry, Windows not yet.
It only bypassed the activation page and let you enter the iOS. You CANNOT use SIM or data. But you can use WiFi, gaming or camera. CANNOT log in new iCloud. Update iOS or erase the iPhone will be locked.
I’ll write a new post about how this method later.
Supported model: iPhone 5 to iPhone X (iPhone XR and later models not supported)